Nov 15

The Bear and the Nightingale – Katherine Arden

About the book At the edge of the Russian wilderness, winter lasts most of the year and the snowdrifts grow taller than houses. But Vasilisa doesn’t mind—she spends the winter nights huddled around the embers of a fire with her beloved siblings, listening to her nurse’s fairy tales. Above all, she loves the chilling story …

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Nov 14

The Soul of the World – David Mealing

About the Book It is a time of revolution. in the cities, food shortages stir citizens to riots against the crown. In the wilds, new magic threatens the dominance of the tribes. and on the battlefields, even the most brilliant commanders struggle in the shadow of total war. Three lines of magic must be mastered …

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Nov 13

#SPFBO 2017 Finalists

As I said in my round five mini reviews, I am planning on writing full book reviews for each of the finalists. I figured that I should probably make a list of what the finalists are, what they are about, and link to their Amazon pages, for those who are interested. So, without further ado, …

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Nov 13

#SPFBO 2017 | Round Five Mini Reviews (and some information about what’s next)

Well, here it is. The last round of mini reviews for the SPFBO 2017. Thanks to everyone who stuck with me throughout health drama, and surgeries, and all this life that keeps happening. Now, we only have about five or six weeks of this phase of the contest and I really, really want to try …

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Oct 16

Guest Post | 50,000 words and beyond by Glynn Stewart

About Glynn Stewart: Glynn Stewart is the author of Starship’s Mage, a bestselling science fiction and fantasy series where faster-than-light travel is possible–but only because of magic. Stewart’s other works include the science fiction series Castle Federation and Duchy of Terra, as well as the urban fantasy series ONSET. Writing managed to liberate Stewart from a …

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Oct 02

#SPFBO 2017 | Round 4 Mini Reviews

Hats off to the most patient SPFBO group in the history of SPFBO groups. Life has been a bit all over recently (look at recent posts for details). I really, really appreciate people being so patient while I sort out my life. Without further hesitation, here’s round four! Kathy Cyr – Max Hamby Max Hamby …

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Sep 28

The Day I Met Tad Williams, and other things

I’ve been a little, um… distracted. I wrote a book. I edited the book. I landed an agent. I printed my book off and now I’m doing the final edits before I send it to beta readers, and then off to my agent. I’ve also had some medical stuff going on, like becoming a cyborg. …

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Sep 21

My Cyborg Life

Life has been absolutely nuts for me recently, to the point where I just threw my hands in the air and had to totally give up reviewing for a span. Hopefully now things will slow down and I’ll be able to get back into it. In this precise moment, however, I want to tell you …

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Aug 28

Sometimes Good Things Happen

Wow. So this is something I never thought I’d write. I’ve been writing a book. The working title is Seraphina’s Lament, and it sits firmly under the dark epic fantasy banner. Really dark. Really, really dark. So I was writing this book more because I just had a story to tell, rather than anything serious. …

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Aug 22

Guest Post | A Deeper World – G. R. Matthews

About the Author Geoff Matthews began reading in the cot. His mother, at her wits end with the constant noise and unceasing activity, would plop him down on the soft mattress with an encyclopaedia full of pictures then quietly slip from the room. His father, ever the pragmatist, declared, that they should, “throw the noisy …

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