Discussion: Who got you into reading?

I wasn’t always a reader, though reading was always part of my life. For example, when I was a little kid, my mom and I would read Laura Ingalls Wilder books in bed before I went to sleep each night. It was, at that time, rare for me to actually want to read. I was busy climbing trees and scraping my knee and all that fun stuff. 
Then, in fourth grade, I had a teacher who was a total bibliophile. I can’t even remember the challenges she’d give us, but she would give us challenges to read certain books, or a certain number of books or something. Most students didn’t do them, but for some reason her absolute passion for reading just infused me with desire for these paper filled tomes of wonder. I started devouring them and I haven’t stopped since. 
Therefore, if I was asked, “who got you into reading?” My answer would be, “my fourth grade teacher.” Her passion for literature was contagious, and all these years later, I still feel it. 
What about you? Who got you into reading?