Discussion: Do author’s opinions effect how much you want to read their book(s)?

Authors are people too. Thus, they have their own opinions about political, religious and social issues, like any of the rest of us. Most of them seem to keep their personal opinions rather quiet, especially when it’s an important time for their book releases and etc. However, occasionally, an author’s personal opinion becomes rather widely known. Sometimes these opinions can cause quite an uproar among readers and fans.
For example, last year Elizabeth Moon made a statement about Islam which infuriated numerous people. There were articles about what she said and reactions all over the internet and twitter regarding how outraged people were. If I remember correctly, she wasn’t allowed to attend a Con that she was scheduled to attend due to what she had said. I remember seeing people on Twitter saying that they would never read her books again. 
She’s not the only author something like that has happened with. It happens. Every author has an opinion, and sometimes that opinion will upset some of their readers. Sometimes it won’t. 
Here are my questions: 
Does an author’s opinion on political, religious or social issues affect your desire to read their books? Do you think an author’s personal perspectives should/shouldn’t affect their work? Have you ever decided not to read an author’s work due to an opinion/philosophy they might adhere to (even if that isn’t found in their book)?