Discussion: Self publishing

I usually don’t accept works from self-published authors to review. The reason why is because there is simply too much published work for me to read, why spend time reading a self-published author’s work. However, recently I’ve seen many discussions about how the publishing world is changing and self-published authors will become more popular and powerful in the book marketplace. I’ve started becoming more open to self-published work, though I’m still VERY picky when accepting, or even entertaining the idea of accepting self published work. 
However, I’ve come across a few (which will be reviewed here) that have impressed me. Not all self-published authors are quacks, and not all of their work is crap. It makes me wonder if these arguments stating that self-published authors and their work will become serious movers and shakers in the book marketplace has some very real points that should be analyzed. 
What do you think? What’s your opinion of self-published work? Do you think it will/is becoming a really important part of the book marketplace or do you think self-published books will always be published-books ugly stepchild?