Discussion: Female authors

I thought I wrote this discussion before I went to have the baby, but I was looking through my scheduled posts and it turns out I was wrong. Thus, this is my first book-related post since I had the baby, so I hope it makes some sort of sense. Now that I’m writing it, I’m realizing that I’ve asked a question similar to this before. Oh well. I’ll do this anyway. Forgive the redundancy. 
A few months ago I got into a discussion with a female fantasy author about the speculative fiction genre. She was telling me some of the ways she felt female authors were different from male authors. For example, she felt that female authors tend to be a bit more emotional than males. She also felt that, due to that, female authors can have a harder time appealing to genre readers than males, though she felt that was changing a bit these days. 
I do feel the tides are changing in speculative fiction, and there are more female authors (especially in urban fantasy and paranormal romance), they are still outnumbered by males (especially in epic fantasy and science fiction). It brings this discussion I had to my mind and, like always, makes me wonder about a few things.
Do you think there is a difference in writing style between men and women. If so, what do you think that difference is? Does it effect how/if a female author’s book will appeal to you?