Discussion: Do you schedule?

The end of the year is always kind of interesting for me, especially with bloggers. People summarize their year, throw shout outs to whoever they think was awesome during the previous year and… undoubtably, some of them will write a list of books they plan to read. 
I don’t schedule or plan like that. It’s impossible for me to as I’m generally one of those readers who reads based on current mood (which is why I generally always have 3-4 books going at once – one for each of my “major moods” at that time). I have books I hope to get to next year, but I can’t say, “I will read these books.” I’m too unorganized – or something. However, I know some people do “schedule” their reading. For example, “I will read (insert title) in (insert month) because that’s the date it comes out/whatever other reason.” 
Do you preplan your list books to read, or schedule months to read certain books? Or are you spontaneous and go with your mood?