Christmas Spirit Just Got Killed – I need help

My husband was just laid off.

There was no warning. In fact, as far as we knew, the company was doing great.. until today when they called about half of his company into a “special project meeting” where they read from a special letter from corporate and fired them all. I guess the company’s “go big” idea this year didn’t work and they didn’t let anyone know how much revenue they lost until today.

Lets put this in perspective for all of you. We just bought a house. We have a car payment. We have cancer bills we are still paying off. We have a two-year-old little girl. Christmas is coming up. My income brings us about $250 every two weeks.

We are screwed.

We also now have NO TIES to Utah. (IE: We plan on moving. We don’t really care where.)

For the love of god, please help us find jobs, or income, or something.

Please contact me for more information if you want any about my degree, experience, whatever.

I know this is a desperate post…. but I don’t know what else to do.

Erik has about 12 years experience in data backup and recover and IT and I have a degree in health promotion and nutrition education – but no experience besides an internship in the outreach department of a cancer research center – I got cancer a month after I graduated and am just starting to work again now. I have only been able to find jobs in customer service and office type stuff…. so that’s fine, too.

As per request, I’ve added a donation button to the top right corner of my webpage.