News – A Change is Coming (A good one this time)

Alright, folks… here’s the deal.

I’ve been working part time at a place for a while. Twenty hours a week. It’s been extra income and a chance for this mama to get out of the house. It has also been a good opportunity for me to get used to functioning in society again after my cancer treatment. However, once the husband lost his job, it became apparent that twenty hours a week wasn’t going to cut it. We need things like money to pay our mortgage, buy food, and health insurance. It was made known to me that a position was opening up at my place of employment which would be full time, a substantial pay raise, a set schedule and all the fun things that go along with that. I went for it, not really expecting to get it, but figuring that I really love where I work, and if I don’t try for it, then I’ll never know if I could have gotten it.

I interviewed with seven other people, all of whom worked at the place longer than me.

Saturday (yesterday), I was called into the HR office and was offered the position. I didn’t expect it, and I will admit that I teared up a bit because we need this so bad right now. Anyway, all of this is boiling down to the fact that I am starting my new job tomorrow (Monday). I start work at five in the morning, which is going to upend my sleep schedule for a while. It will also undoubtably effect my website until I adjust.

Fair warning. I hope to keep things rolling on here, but who knows if it will end up working out that way. Until I get used to my new job and new schedule and all that, things here might be less frequent than they were before.