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I am a book blogger and the owner of Bookworm Blues - a popular speculative fiction book review website. I have been a compulsive reader all my life. Early on found my reading niche in the fantastic genre of Speculative Fiction. I blame my active imagination for the hobbies that threaten to consume my life. A freelance writer and photographer, world traveler and recent college graduate, I'm also a new mother, cancer fighter & survivor. In my ideal world, I'd do nothing but drink lots of tea and read from a never ending pile of speculative fiction books. Respected as a reviewer, I receive book ARCs from all of the major and most minor publishers in science fiction and fantasy. But given my love of stories, I've always wanted to be a part of the creative process, and editing is my first step in that direction.

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Apr 10

SPFBO | The Grey Bastards – Jonathan French

About the Book LIVE IN THE SADDLE. DIE ON THE HOG. Such is the creed of the half-orcs dwelling in the Lot Lands. Sworn to hardened brotherhoods known as hoofs, these former slaves patrol their unforgiving country astride massive swine bred for war. They are all that stand between the decadent heart of noble Hispartha …

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Apr 03

Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich – Norman Ohler

About the Book A fast-paced narrative that discovers a surprising perspective on World War II: Nazi Germany’s all-consuming reliance on drugs. The Nazi regime preached an ideology of physical, mental, and moral purity. But as Norman Ohler reveals in this gripping new history, the Third Reich was saturated with drugs. On the eve of World …

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Mar 29

Pill City – Kevin Deutsch

NOTE: I wrote a glowing review of this book and then someone sent me this link, regarding a controversy I wasn’t aware of. This book may be complete fabricated crap, which really pisses me off, however, it’s already online so I figured I’d keep it there with the link and a note where my absolute …

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Mar 28

The Romanovs – Simon Sebag Montefiore

About the Book The Romanovs were the most successful dynasty of modern times, ruling a sixth of the world’s surface for three centuries. How did one family turn a war-ruined principality into the world’s greatest empire? And how did they lose it all? This is the intimate story of twenty tsars and tsarinas, some touched …

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Mar 27


You may or may not have noticed that the header on my website has been changed. There’s a reason for this. I’ve been in a huge funk recently. I love my website, and I love reviewing books, but I’m feeling a bit caged, a little locked in, and this is making me feel just completely sick …

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Mar 20

The Dragon’s Legacy – Deborah A. Wolf

About the Book The last Aturan King is dying, and as his strength fades so does his hold on sa and ka. Control of this power is a deadly lure; the Emperor stirs in his Forbidden City to the East, while deep in the Seared Lands, the whispering voices of Eth bring secret death. Eight men and women take their first …

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Mar 14

The Shadow Soul – Kaitlyn Davis

About the Book When Jinji’s home is destroyed, she is left with nowhere to run and no one to run to–until she meets Rhen, a prince chasing rumors that foreign enemies have landed on his shores. Masquerading as a boy, Jinji joins Rhen with vengeance in her heart. But traveling together doesn’t mean trusting one …

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Mar 09

Red Equinox – Douglas Wynne

About the Book The Red Equinox has dawned, and the old gods who have slept for aeons are stirring. Urban explorer and photographer Becca Philips was raised in the shadow of Miskatonic University, steeped in the mysteries of her late grandmother’s work in occult studies. But what she thought was myth becomes all too real …

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Mar 07

Guest Post | Alvaro Zinos-Amaro on Call and Response

About the Author Alvaro is co-author, with Robert Silverberg, of When The Blue Shift Comes and Traveler of Worlds: Conversations with Robert Silverberg, which is currently eligible for Hugo nomination in the Best Related category and the Locus Award for best non-fiction. Alvaro’s more than thirty stories have appeared in magazines like Analog, Nature, Lightspeed, …

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Mar 02

SPFBO2 | Assassin’s Charge – Claire Frank

About the Book  A cold-hearted assassin. A boy with a price on his head. Rhisia Sen is one of the Empire’s highest paid assassins. Living a life of luxury, she chooses her contracts carefully, working to amass enough wealth so she can leave her bloody trade. She is offered a new contract on the outskirts …

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