Editing Information

NOTE: This page is being updated.

“Sarah knows the genre inside and out. She not only has finger on the pulse of the literary world, but she is thoughtful, intelligent, and voraciously read. She’s a stickler for details, and the very thing you’d want in an exceptional editor.” – Mercedes M. Yardley

“Sarah is a true professional and the finest editor I have worked with.” – Graham Austin-King

“Sarah is a passionate editor who has a keen attention to detail and a remarkable eye for what makes a story tick. She is a true pleasure to work with, and she’ll help your story shine.” – Kenny Soward

“Sarah was fantastic to work with! She has an eye for finding bits that flew completely under my radar and helped me consider things from angles I never would have thought of on my own. With her editing notes, I was able to improve both the flow and content of my story. A++ would definitely work with again!” – Jennie Ivins

So you’ve written your book, and now you’re looking for someone to help you polish it until it shines?

Well, here I am.

I have over eight years of experience in speculative fiction and publishing. I’ve beta read for the likes of Mark Lawrence and Bradley P. Beaulieu. I’ve helped edit some anthologies. Heck, I’ve even written some stuff that’s been published (check out my book here). I’ve reviewed more books than I can possibly count, and managed to have a few of my reviews quoted on some covers. I’ve judged literary contests and worked as a slush reader for several publishers. Throughout all of that, I’ve learned some stuff, and I’d love to put all the stuff I’ve learned to good use for you and your manuscript.

Editing. It’s what I’ve been working toward for all of these years.

Here is what I promise to do for you:

  • I will read your book and leave notes, comments, suggestions, nudges, and whatever else is necessary to help you polish your manuscript to a vibrant shine.
  • I will read each and every word, and leave in-line notes and comments as well as editor’s notes at the end of each chapter.
  • I love details in the books I read, and I will focus on the details in what you’ve written. Absolutely nothing will be overlooked.
  • Need help with voice, characterization, flow, plot points, grammar, or heck, just need someone to proof your work and make sure it reads okay? Look no further.
  • I really enjoy deadlines. I’m that kind of cool.
  • With developmental edits, you can expect line-by-line notes, and chapter by chapter emails/letters (depending on how you prefer me to edit and send your document back to you) that go into depth about character, plot, world building and etc.
  • With copyedits, you can expect detailed grammar, style, and content editing (as per Chicago Manual of Style), and a “style sheet” that I work on as I edit if having such a thing (if you don’t already) tickles your fancy.
  • Easy access to talk with me via multiple venues (email, facebook, etc), and an easy working relationship. I know editing is painful. I try very, very hard to make it hurt as little as possible.
  • Respect for your voice. You are who you are, and you write how you write. I do not want to change your creativity or your voice. I am here to help and strengthen, not to fundamentally alter. I respect your work, and I respect you. Period.

This is your book and your vision. I’m here to help. Talk to me about what you want, and I’ll see what I can do to fit your needs.

I fully believe in trying before you buy, so I will gladly edit your first chapter/first 10 pages for free so you can decide if we are a good fit. Currently, I’m charging $2/page (rates subject to change). If you’ve written something that falls under the speculative fiction umbrella, I’m your gal. Well, let’s be honest here, I’ve been editing for over a year and I’ve now edited science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, religious murder mystery, erotica, young adult and the list goes on. I will edit anything but children’s books and nonfiction.

I can do both developmental and copy editing and require very little notice before projects. The turnaround for a complete project is anywhere from two weeks to a month, depending on length. I could give more details here, but I prefer to talk to each author about their project individually and tailor what I can offer you, to what you need from me.

Contact me for more details, and availability! Let’s talk!

Sarah (at) bookwormblues (dot) net or bookwormblues (at) live (dot) com

Look below for the covers of completed, published projects I’ve edited. Please understand, this is not a complete list, as a chunk of the authors who hire me do so before finding an agent, or publishing/landing a publication deal, and thus do not have covers for me to display quite yet.