Apr 08

SF Signal x 2

I’m over on SF Signal twice this week. Lucky you guys. 1. I was on the SF Signal podcast along with some other people who are for more interesting than I am. We talked about accessible SciFi books for newbies in the genre. Click here to listen. 2. Special Needs in Strange Worlds has a …

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Apr 07

The Ophelia Prophecy – Sharon Lynn Fisher

About the Book Our world is no longer our own. We engineered a race of superior fighters — the Manti, mutant humans with insect-like abilities. Twenty-five years ago they all but destroyed us. In Sanctuary, some of us survive. Eking out our existence. Clinging to the past. Some of us intend to do more than …

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Apr 03

DAW BOOKS To Publish The Last King Of Osten Ard by Tad Williams

Well, my lovelies, I just checked my email and saw this juicy bit of news in my inbox. Of course I had to share it, me being a total Tad Williams fangirl and all…. ENJOY…. and get as excited as I am! — SEQUEL TRILOGY TO TAD WILLIAMS’ NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING MEMORY, SORROW, AND …

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Apr 02

Cover Art Reveal | Betrayal’s Shadow – Dave-Brendon de Burgh

A while ago I frothed a bit about how excited I was that my across-the-world friend-with-a-cool-accent, Dave de Burgh got his first publication deal. I am so incredibly excited for him (and I also feel like I am living a bit vicariously through him). It’s such a big deal, and I couldn’t be more pleased. …

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Apr 02

Special Needs in Strange Worlds with author Rhiannon Held

Today you can find a fantastic guest post by author Rhiannon Held on SF Signal for my Special Needs in Strange Worlds column. I am over-the-moon delighted that she agreed to write something for my column. The protagonist in her fantastic series called Silver has been poisoned by (you guessed it) silver and is unable …

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Apr 01

GIVEAWAY: Eternal Sky by Elizabeth Bear

There are a very few authors who get me to lose my ever loving shit every time they publish a book, or look in my general direction. (“Wow, Sarah,” you say. “That is the most professional thing you’ve ever said in the history of your website.”) Elizabeth Bear is one of those authors. On April …

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Mar 31

Not A Review: Afterparty – Daryl Gregory

About the Book It begins in Toronto, in the years after the smart drug revolution. Any high school student with a chemjet and internet connection can download recipes and print drugs, or invent them. A seventeen-year-old street girl finds God through a new brain-altering drug called Numinous, used as a sacrament by a new Church …

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Mar 28

Books I’m Eyeing

Well, I meant to get this posted much earlier today and failed in an epic way. I decided to sleep last night instead of writing posts for the website. I apologize. Anyway… My giveaway of Blood and Iron and The Barrow has ended. One of my coworkers picked a random number between 1-81 (which is …

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Mar 27

A Turn of Light – Julie E. Czerneda

About the Book The village of Marrowdell is an isolated pioneer community, but it is also the place where two worlds overlap, and at the turn of light–sunset–the world of magic known as the Verge can briefly be seen. Jenn Nalynn belongs to both Verge and Marrowdell, but even she doesn’t know how special she …

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Mar 26

The Lascar’s Dagger – Glenda Larke

About the Book Faith will not save him. Saker appears to be a simple priest, but in truth he’s a spy for the head of his faith. Wounded in the line of duty by a Lascar sailor’s blade, the weapon seems to follow him home. Unable to discard it, nor the sense of responsibility it …

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