Oct 15

[Guest Post] Wm Henry Morris on Patience Rewarded

About the Author Wm Henry Morris writes, reads and edits all sorts of fiction with an emphasis on where literary fiction and genre fiction intersect. He can be found at @WmHenryMorris and williamhenrymorris.com. — Patience rewarded: The Goblin Emperor, Fool’s Assassin and The Mirror Empire By Wm Henry Morris I’ve been thinking about the books …

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Oct 14

Sleeping Late on Judgement Day – Tad Williams

About the Book The conclusion of Tad Williams’ brilliant Bobby Dollar series. Where does an angel go when he’s been to Hell and back? Renegade angel Bobby Dollar does not have an easy afterlife. After surviving the myriad gruesome dangers Hell oh-so-kindly offered him, Bobby has returned empty-handed – his demon girlfriend Casmira, the Countess …

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Oct 13

[Guest Post] Mercedes Murdock Yardley on Books and Butterflies


About the Author Hi. I’m Mercedes. I have two broken laptops, three kids, a husband and no time to write, although I try my very best. I like to write stories. I like to write poems. I like to write essays and sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they aren’t. I’m the author of Beautiful Sorrows,Apocalyptic Montessa and …

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Oct 09

[Guest Post] Kenny Sowards on Outlining


About the Author Kenny Soward grew up in a small Kentucky suburb listening to hard rock and playing outdoors. In those quiet ’70s streets, he jumped bikes, played Nerf football, and acquired many a childhood scar. His love for books flourished early, a habit passed down by his uncles, and he spent many high school …

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Oct 08

Pretty Little Dead Girls – Mercedes Murdock Yardley

About the Book “Run, Star Girl.” BRYONY ADAMS IS DESTINED TO BE MURDERED, but fortunately Fate has terrible marksmanship. In order to survive, she must run as far and as fast as she can. After arriving in Seattle, Bryony befriends a tortured musician, a market fish-thrower, and a starry-eyed hero who is secretly a serial …

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Oct 07

[Guest Post] Anton Strout on Methods of Artistic Expression, or Exploring Your Core

About the Author Anton Strout was born in the Berkshire Hills mere miles from writing heavyweights Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herman Melville. He currently lives in the haunted corn maze that is New Jersey (where nothing paranormal ever really happens, he assures you). He is the author of the Simon Canderous urban fantasy series and the …

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Oct 06

[Guest Post] Jaime Lee Moyer – A Year Isn’t so Long.

About the Author Jaime Lee Moyer lives in San Antonio, land of cowboys, cactus, and rhinestones. She writes books about murder, betrayal, friendship, magic, and kissing, an activity her cats approve of (even the kissing). Her first novel, Delia’s Shadow, was published by Tor Books September 17, 2013. The second book in the series, A …

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Oct 03

[Guest Review by G.R. Matthews] Artful – Peter David

Huge thanks to G.R. Matthews for writing this review! — About the Book Oliver Twist is one of the most well-known stories ever told, about a young orphan who has to survive the mean streets of London before ultimately being rescued by a kindly benefactor. But it is his friend, the Artful Dodger, who has …

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Oct 02

[Guest Review by Ria Bridges] The Free – Brian Ruckley

Huge thanks to Ria Bridges for writing this review! — About the Book From the bestselling author of Winterbirth comes a magnificent new epic fantasy about The Free – the most feared and revered band of mercenaries the kingdom has ever known . . . They are the most feared mercenary company the kingdom has …

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Oct 01

[Guest Post] Patrick Swenson on The Positives and Negatives of Negative Reviews

About the Author Patrick started writing when he was in 2nd grade. His first classic was Mr Mooney Goes to the Moon. It was followed by Mr Mooney Goes to Mars and Mr Mooney Goes to North Dakota. True story. The manuscripts were lost when his family moved from one side of the state of Montana to …

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