Nov 03

Featured Review | The Builders – Daniel Polansky

About the Book A missing eye. A broken wing. A stolen country. The last job didn’t end well. Years go by, and scars fade, but memories only fester. For the animals of the Captain’s company, survival has meant keeping a low profile, building a new life, and trying to forget the war they lost. But …

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Nov 03

Featured Review | Dreamseeker – C.S. Friedman

About the Book When Jessica Drake learned that her DNA didn’t match that of her parents, she had no idea that the search for her heritage would put her family’s lives in danger, or force her to cross into another world. In an alternate Earth dominated by individuals with unnatural powers called Gifts, Jessica learned …

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Nov 02

Featured Review | Of Sorrow and Such – Angela Slatter

About the Book Mistress Gideon is a witch. The locals of Edda’s Meadow, if they suspect it of her, say nary a word—Gideon has been good to them, and it’s always better to keep on her good side. Just in case. When a foolish young shapeshifter goes against the wishes of her pack, and gets …

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Oct 26

Featured Review | Six-Gun Snow White – Catherynne M. Valente

About the Book A New York Times bestselling author offers a brilliant reinvention of one of the best-known fairy tales of all time with Snow White as a gunslinger in the mythical Wild West. Forget the dark, enchanted forest. Picture instead a masterfully evoked Old West where you are more likely to find coyotes as the seven …

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Oct 22

SPFBO | A Soul for Trouble – Crista McHugh

This book is part of the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off. About the Book When you’re a witch named Trouble, chaos follows. Arden Lesstymine (known to everyone as Trouble) likes attention as much as the next girl, but this is getting ridiculous. When an insane stranger is murdered at the inn where she works, Trouble …

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Oct 20

Featured Review | The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss – Max Wirestone

About the Book For fans of The Guild, New Girl, Scott Pilgrim, Big Bang Theory, Veronica Mars, or anyone who has ever geeked out about something. The odds of Dahlia successfully navigating adulthood are 3,720 to 1. But never tell her the odds. Meet Dahlia Moss, the reigning queen of unfortunate decision-making in the St. …

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Oct 19

Book Bites | The Last Witness – K.J. Parker

About the Book When you need a memory to be wiped, call me. Transferring unwanted memories to my own mind is the only form of magic I’ve ever mastered. But now, I’m holding so many memories I’m not always sure which ones are actually mine, any more. Some of them are sensitive; all of them …

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Oct 18

Books in the Mail | October 10 – 17

I’m going to try hard to make this a weekly feature. I have a feeling this is one of those things I will forget to do, but I’ll try not to. Here are the books that have arrived in the past week. All books were sent by the publisher or author, unless otherwise specified. Wake …

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Oct 15

Book Bites | Fae: The Wild Hunt – Graham Austin-King

About the Book Faeries… The fae… The stuff of bedtime stories and fables. But sometimes the faerie tales are true. Sometimes they are a warning… For a hundred generations the fae have been locked away from the world, in the cold, the Outside. They have faded out of sight and mind, into myth and folklore. …

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Oct 14

Featured Review | Silver on the Road – Laura Anne Gilman

About the Book A heroic fantasy by an award-winning author about a young woman who is trained in the art of the sinister hand of magic, but at what price? Isobelle, upon her sixteenth birthday, makes the choice to work for the devil in his territory west of the Mississippi. But this is not the …

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