Announcement: Publicity and…. Me?


Have you heard of Ragnarok Publications?

Well, if you haven’t, you should check them out. They are a small press ran by one Joe Martin and one Tim Marquitz and a whole staff of other very talented people (I’m honestly not sure if I fit in with the crowd, or if I have anything wonderful to offer them). They have published such well known authors as Mercedes Murdock Yardley, Django Wexler, and so many more, along with some anthologies that have made some noise, like Kaiju Rising and Neverland’s Library.

I like them because they are different, and different appeals to me.

So, I’m joining their PR team.

I’m not exactly sure what my primary function will be so far, but I think it’s going to involve me increasing the web presence of Ragnarok, which is right up my alley.

I am very excited (and nervous). I want more hands-on publishing experience, and I truly love Public Relations. I’m very happy to learn, and offer my support to make a publishing company that I truly love grow and expand.

How this will impact my website? Hopefully not at all. I’m going to keep all Ragnarok things completely separate from Bookworm Blues. I will not review any Ragnarok Authors on my website, and I will keep everything I do online-presence-wise for the publisher off of this site. That was the agreement. I can keep Bookworm Blues completely independent of Ragnarok, so I will.

Wish me luck, and hope I don’t fail in a massive, publicly humiliating way.

And feel a little sorry for the poor bastards who will be inflicted with me.

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