Announcement | Spooky Book Bingo

I’m a bit late announcing this but my life has been like… super hectic recently so I apologize. Anyway, here it is.

I am pleased to announce that my book, Seraphina’s Lament, is a Featured Book in the first annual Spooky Book Bingo reading challenge! Keep reading to find out more about this challenge, including how to win a huge prize pack of ebooks.

Spooky Book Bingo is a challenge to read as much horror and horror-adjacent fiction as possible during the month of October, all while looking for the tropes and story elements listed on the contest’s bingo card:

When you find one of the story elements on the bingo card, you can mark it with a red circle or X. Each completed row counts as one bingo, and each bingo counts as one entry in the Spooky Book Bingo contest.

How can you participate in Spooky Book Bingo?

Readers can participate in three steps:

  • Read a bunch of spooky books. You can read books that are already in your To Be Read pile or check out some of the books in our official Spooky Book Bingo list.
  • Mark tropes on your bingo card as you read. We suggest using red circles or X’s to mark found tropes. Note that each individual bingo counts as one entry into the contest.
  • Submit your completed bingo card. You can send it to weeknight [email protected] (without the space). To accommodate different time zones, submissions will be accepted until 11:59 PM EST on November 1.

You can also participate in conversations about the challenge and the books you’re reading using the #SpookyBookBingo hashtag on Twitter.

Do you have to read specific books for Spooky Book Bingo?

You can read anything you want for Spooky Book Bingo. However, we recommend you read from our Featured Books list for a couple of reasons:

  • You can see a clear list of the Spooky Book Bingo tropes included in each book, making it easy to plan your bingos.
  • You can get additional entries to the contest by reviewing our Featured Books + sending screenshots of your reviews to weeknightwriters @

Plus you’ll be supporting our awesome author community!

Can you count multiple tropes from the same book?

Absolutely! You can count as many tropes as you can find in a single book. 

What can readers win?

Readers will be able to win a prize pack of ebooks written by our featured authors. The list is still being finalized, but it already includes over a dozen books! Check out the prize list for more info.

Check out our Featured Books list and start planning your Spooky Book Bingo reading list today!