Discussion: 2012 Reading Goals

I know I’m a little late with this, and I’ve also slacked on my weekly discussions. I’ll try to be more prompt this year. 
This year I don’t really have many reading goals besides to hit 100 books. Before I had the baby I’d read between 170 – 200 books/year. Now that I have a baby I’ll be incredibly proud to hit 100 books again (I hit 101 in 2011 which shocked me, seeing as how I was deling with a newborn and cancer). My other book related goal is to do author interviews on my blog. Interviewing authors terrifies me, but I think it will be good for me to get out of my shell and get it done. My never-going-to-happen dream would be to have some publisher contact me this year and say, “Hey, Sarah, you are AMAZING. I want to pay you to do (insert some sort of job type thing here).” I won’t hold my breath for that to happen. 
So what are your goals, hopes and dreams for book related happenings in 2012?