I believe in full disclosure so….

I feel pretty weird about doing this, but I also think it has to be done. This year I was a beta reader for two books that are currently published (a few more that have upcoming publication dates). I have struggled a little bit with how to approach these novels. While I feel obligated to review them (and I want to review them), I feel like being a beta reader for them takes my objectivity out of it, which is a problem for me. Is it really a review if I can’t objectively judge it?

Am I pondering my navel?

The thing is, I read both of these books during the beta phase of things, and I re-read both of them since they’ve been published. But I was a beta reader, and that was pretty effing cool, and I liked both of these novels a lot at the get-go so there really isn’t anything new to say here. But I haven’t really said anything about them yet, at least not to you guys.


I need to review them, because I want all of you to know how awesome they are, too. Therefore, I’m going to write two book bites, one for each book. And because I wrote this and warned you first, you’ll know the next two book bites that go up on my website are books I beta read, and therefore I lack objectivity, so take them for what they’re worth.

You have been warned.

P.S. I will probably copy and paste this verbatim every time I review a book I’ve beta read, just so you guys know where I stand on things.