The Macro Monday That Wasn’t

I’ve been dealing with some chronic pain issues related to my Ehlers-Danlos. Well, to put it correctly, I’ve been dealing with Ehlers-Danlos, and the associated chronic pain has taken me out of the game in any real way for a while now. Instead of working on new photos (physically, I’m completely unable right now), I’m regurgitating old ones because I’ve been almost completely nonfunctional. This disease is horrible, folks. To put my life in perspective right now, I’m more familiar with my heating pad than I am with my own family right now, and I just saw the lidocaine patches my doctor prescribed me, and started bawling. I mean, copious tears.

So, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

Anyway, this isn’t a new photo. This is actually an older one, and it’s probably my best known photo because it’s been on several state news shows, and it was even featured on National Geographic.

This is a photo of the Supermoon rising over the Wasatch Mountains near Silver Lake, Utah in 2014. The official title is “Minimalist Moonrise.” Enjoy!

minimalist moonriselogo

2 Responses

  • Ugh, I’m sorry your body is Not Cooperating, Sarah.

    But you have such a large oeuvre, that you can ply us with back pictures while you recover. So do that.

  • We can wait for next Monday. Take care of yourself ;o)


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