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I am a book blogger and the owner of Bookworm Blues - a popular speculative fiction book review website. I have been a compulsive reader all my life. Early on found my reading niche in the fantastic genre of Speculative Fiction. I blame my active imagination for the hobbies that threaten to consume my life. A freelance writer and photographer, world traveler and recent college graduate, I'm also a new mother, cancer fighter & survivor. In my ideal world, I'd do nothing but drink lots of tea and read from a never ending pile of speculative fiction books. Respected as a reviewer, I receive book ARCs from all of the major and most minor publishers in science fiction and fantasy. But given my love of stories, I've always wanted to be a part of the creative process, and editing is my first step in that direction.

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Aug 30

Quantum Night – Robert J. Sawyer

About the Book Experimental psychologist Jim Marchuk has developed a flawless technique for identifying the previously undetected psychopaths lurking everywhere in society. But while being cross-examined about his breakthrough in court, Jim is shocked to discover that he has lost his memories of six months of his life from twenty years previously—a dark time during …

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Aug 29

The Sight – Chloe Niell

About the Book The paranormal war that engulfed New Orleans seven years ago is over. But the battle for the city is just beginning . . .  Claire Connolly is a Sensitive, infected with magic when the Veil that divides humanity from the world beyond fell. Magic can easily consume and destroy a Sensitive, and …

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Aug 22

Macro Monday


I am EXHAUSTED. I just finished up a seven (7) day work week, and my brain is pretty much mush. So…. you get a Macro Monday and reviews for the rest of the week starting Tuesday. Also, my email is kind of screwed up. I am SO backlogged from Cora’s illness drama, and apparently I’ve …

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Aug 17

#SPFBO 2 | Finalists & The Winner

Ah, the end of the first round is in sight. Now it is time for me to talk about the finalists, and announce the overall winner. I’m going to keep this pretty short and sweet (mostly because I’m tired and ain’t nobody got time for my diatribes). Listed below are the six finalists, and then …

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Aug 16

Sleeping Giants – Sylvain Neuvel

About the Book A girl named Rose is riding her new bike near her home in Deadwood, South Dakota, when she falls through the earth. She wakes up at the bottom of a square hole, its walls glowing with intricate carvings. But the firemen who come to save her peer down upon something even stranger: …

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Aug 15

#SPFBO 2 | Group 5 Mini Reviews

Alright folks, here you have it – the final round of mini reviews for this first group of #SPFBO contestants. Wow, this was a rough on. Very, very rough. These books were all very strong. The game plan after this is to sit on these books for a day or so, and then Wednesday or …

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Aug 10

#SPFBO 2: Round 4 Mini Reviews

Well, here it is… round 4 mini reviews. I apologize for taking so long, but wow, life has been crazy. If things go well and nothing unexpected happens, round 5 will be up tomorrow, and then the overall winner announced on Friday. Fingers crossed that things stay boring over here… — Elona: Patterner’s Path – …

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Aug 03

False Hearts – Laura Lam

About the Book Orphan Black meets Inception: Two formerly conjoined sisters are ensnared in a murderous plot involving psychoactive drugs, shared dreaming, organized crime, and a sinister cult. Raised in the closed cult of Mana’s Hearth and denied access to modern technology, conjoined sisters Taema and Tila dream of a life beyond the walls of …

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Aug 01

An #SPFBO Update and Macro Monday


Okay, so the issues with my baby’s kidneys have been backing up my flow a ton. It’s about a million times easier to deal with my own health problems than my kid’s. In that regard, my flow for the #SPFBO has also backed up. I’ve read the remaining books, but my head has been so …

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Jul 28

An Announcement | Review Policy Changes and a Question

I’m going to be a bit scarily honest here, and there are two real points I need to make, but before I make either of them, I should make an update. Cora has been officially diagnosed with a kidney/bladder disorder (after an absolutely brutal test at the hospital today that lasted several hours and won’t …

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