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I am a book blogger and the owner of Bookworm Blues - a popular speculative fiction book review website. I have been a compulsive reader all my life. Early on found my reading niche in the fantastic genre of Speculative Fiction. I blame my active imagination for the hobbies that threaten to consume my life. A freelance writer and photographer, world traveler and recent college graduate, I'm also a new mother, cancer fighter & survivor. In my ideal world, I'd do nothing but drink lots of tea and read from a never ending pile of speculative fiction books. Respected as a reviewer, I receive book ARCs from all of the major and most minor publishers in science fiction and fantasy. But given my love of stories, I've always wanted to be a part of the creative process, and editing is my first step in that direction.

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Jul 28

An Announcement | Review Policy Changes and a Question

I’m going to be a bit scarily honest here, and there are two real points I need to make, but before I make either of them, I should make an update. Cora has been officially diagnosed with a kidney/bladder disorder (after an absolutely brutal test at the hospital today that lasted several hours and won’t …

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Jul 26

The Wolf Road – Beth Lewis

About the Book A debut literary thriller from an incredible new voice. What do you do when the man who gave you everything turns out to be a killer?  Everything Elka knows of the world she learned from the man she calls Trapper, the solitary hunter who took her under his wing when she was …

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Jul 25

The Shards of Heaven – Michael Livingston

About the Book The beginning of an epic historical fantasy that rocks the foundations of the ancient world Julius Caesar is dead, assassinated on the senate floor, and the glory that is Rome has been torn in two. Octavian, Caesar’s ambitious great-nephew and adopted son, vies with Marc Antony and Cleopatra for control of Caesar’s …

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Jul 19

An Update – Prepare for a ton of pictures

Young Buck

Well, as far as Cora is concerned, she’s fine. Her fever left a few days ago and hasn’t returned. Her urine analysis shows nothing abnormal (We both let out a collective breath of relief when we got the news). I still need to talk to her doctor, but I’m really hoping this means no further …

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Jul 13

An Update, of sorts…


First of all, a huge thank you to everyone for your outpouring of support during this incredibly difficult time. Today we took Cora to her pediatrician, who is pretty sure that Cora’s kidneys aren’t working properly. She sent orders to a local hospital for Cora to start a bunch of tests that sound like absolutely …

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Jul 12

Again and again…

So here are the details… Tonight Cora (the baby) spiked a pretty high fever (after five days of being perfectly okay, after finishing her 10 day cycle of antibiotics). I called her on-call pediatrician, who told us to take her to InstaCare and get her urine tested ASAP, in case her UTI didn’t go away …

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Jul 11

Song of the Deep – Brian Hastings

About the Book Twelve-year-old Merryn lives with her fisherman father in a little cottage by the sea. Each day, her father braves the tumultuous waves and returns home in time for dinner. One stormy evening, he doesn’t come back. Merryn has a vision that he’s been dragged underwater by a terrifying sea creature, and he …

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Jul 07

Wolf’s Empire: Gladiator – Claudia Christian & Morgan Grant Buchanan

About the Book A sweeping science-fiction saga of revenge set in a future in which the Roman Empire never fell, by actress Claudia Christian When her mother and brother are murdered, young noblewoman Accala Viridius cries out for vengeance. But the empire is being torn apart by a galactic civil war, and her demands fall …

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Jul 06

Guest Post | Calling The Bluff – Gregory Wilson

About the Author Gregory A. Wilson is currently Professor of English at St. John’s University in New York City, where he teaches creative writing and fantasy fiction along with various other courses in literature. His first academic book was published by Clemson University Press in 2007; on the creative side, he has won an award …

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Jul 06

SPFBO 2 | Round 3 Mini Reviews

I’m sorry this is so late, but you can look back at my previous few posts to see why it was late. Thank you for being patient with me. This round was really, really hard for me to judge because it had so many incredibly strong contesters and just about every book really interested me …

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