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I’m going to try to make this “around the web” a weekly feature on this blog. Recently I joined Twitter. Now, this is both good and bad. Good, because I’ve met some incredible fellow book-obsessed bloggers and bad because it’s easy to loose track of time on there. Anyway, this has opened my eyes to a lot more that is happening on the interwebs than I initially thought. Thus, I am going to try to include everything on here that is noteworthy but I know I’ll miss some stuff. Dear reader, if I miss anything incredibly important, please let me know so I can update this list.
Free books, contests and excerpts & other events
1. Excerpt from S.L. Farrel’s A Magic of Dawn here
2. Fantasy Literature is doing a “25 Heroes in 2010” thing. You can read a short story here.
3. Genre Reader is doing a giveaway of The Reluctant Mage here.
4. Enter to win Chris Wooding’s books here.
5. Get Kay Kenyon’s Bright of the Sky for free. Details here.
6. Details for an interesting 48-hour-read-a-thon over on A Little Bookish.
7. Giveaway of The Reluctant Mage on Fantasy Cafe.
8. Free excerpt of Zoo City here.
9. Other contests and giveaways are listed here.
Noteworthy Posts & News
1. Floor to Ceiling Books has the long list for the Man Booker prize on their blog.
2. She also have an interesting post on limited edition books here.
3. New Fantasy Releases for July 27 is listed here.
4. Sam Sykes is challenging book reviewers (which is entertaining me to no end). Read about it here.
5. Cover art for the limited edition of The Blade Itself is here.
6. Interview with Ian McDonald, author of The Dervish House is here.
7. The Wertzone has a few good updates posted that you may want to check out here.
8. New cover art for Richard K. Morgan and M.D. Lachlan here.
9. An interesting post on giving e-books as gifts over on Debuts and Reviews.
10. Stephen Deas news on Speculative Book Review.
11. One of my favorite posts so far this year, anywhere is the Speculative Book Review “top five” lists. Go check it out here.
12. Another good one (thanks to Speculative Book Review) is the Locus Release List here.
13. News on Peter V. Brett here
14. Steven Erikson finishes his Malazan series
15. A Fantasy Reader has published a comparison of German and US cover art. It’s pretty cool
16. Click here for an exclusive David Gemmell short story. 
Author Stuff
1. Kate Elliott is pondering whether reviews are worth reading or not here.
2. Jeff Vandermeer is busy with his entertaining blog discussing what frogs say about talent here.
3. Chris Evans is reading in bed.
4. N.K. Jemisin has a fan that’s made some pretty cool The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms inspired jewelry.
5. Brandon Sanderson is busy with interviews and etc.
6. Peter V. Brett had a fan submit some pretty cool artwork and his outlook calendar keeps scaring him. Read about it here.
7. A Song of Ice and Fire started filming.
8. Patrick Rothfuss did an interview at Comic-Con and posted the video.
And last but not least I have added a few new reviewers to my RSS feed (on the left side of my blog). So, welcome to:

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  • Emily

    Thanks for the shout out! You are in my reader too. 🙂

  • Reese M.

    Woo! I just noticed this! Thanks for linking to my blog. I too, have been positively wasting time on twitter with my fellow book bloggers. So much fun, but I've got to get some of my "currently reading" done or I'm going to look like a total slacker! 🙂

  • Carin B.

    That's a cool list! I'll definitely check back next week for your next set of links.

    The 48 Hour Read-a-Thon is actually being hosted by Wallace at Are you going to participate?

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