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Okay guys, here’s the feature where I search the web so you don’t have to.

Here’s my review schedule: 
Thursday: Dragonfly Falling – Adrian Tchaikovsky
Friday: Evil for Evil – K.J. Parker
Sunday (maybe I’ll post it on Monday): Curse of the Mistwraith – Janny Wurts

The next books in my pile I will read are: 
Before they are Hanged – Joe Abercrombie 
Acacia – David Anthony Durham
Bloodheir – Brian Ruckley
Imager – L.E. Modesitt Jr.

Free Books, Contests & Excerpts

1. Excerpt from Joe Abercrombie’s The Heroes here
2. Excerpt from Richard K. Morgan’s The Cold Commands here
3. Giveaway of The Black Prism by Brent Weeks here
4. Excerpt from Jeff Somers The Terminal State here
5. Giveaway of an autographed copy of Peter F. Hamilton’s The Evolutionary Void here
6. Tor is giving away a copy of Passion Play on Goodreads. Read about it here
7. Edi’s Book Lighthouse is giving away a copy of The Affinity Bridge here.

Noteworthy Posts & News

1. New e-cover art for Robert Jordan’s Knife of Dreams posted here and here.  
2. Steven Erikson is finally done with his Malazan series. 
3. Genre Reader is compiling an Epic Fantasy Review list, which is pretty cool. Check it here
4. Graeme’s Fantasy Book Reviews failed his challenge. Read about it here
5. Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist has an interesting post about the most hated characters in fantasy here
6.  American Werewolf in London is being remade. Details here
7. Speculative Book Reviews has an interesting post full of book trailers here.

Author Stuff

1. George R. R. Martin is not going to be making it to NYC
2. Tracy Hickmen went to GenCon and is reporting on it here
3. Patrick Rothfuss posted something about the Ultimate Chalupa here
4. Kate Elliott has an ARC of Cold Magic to give away
5. Elizabeth moon is back on track

Shout outs

1. Peterwilliam over at Ubiquitous Absence is worth paying attention to. He has great reviews of many popular fantasy books and also posts links to other interesting things like interviews and news and etc. 

2. Michael M. Jones is a professional reviewer of fantasy and sci fi and a hell of a nice guy to talk to. He’s been working on compiling all of his reviews which he had published in magazines and various other sources online into one comprehensive webpage, thus, his blog. Check him out here

3. I know I mentioned them before, but don’t forget to check out Walker of Worlds and Edi’s Book Lighthouse for some great reviews as well. 

As always, let me know if I’ve forgotten or overlooked something. This week seems to be abnormally quiet but I haven’t had my laptop at all, either so I quite possibly haven’t seen a lot of whats been out there. 

(Also, if anyone knows why I keep getting double spacing between lines on my posts, please let me know. It’s annoying me half to death.)

6 Responses

  • ediFanoB

    forme it is incredible to see how many reviews you post in such a short time. I'm happy when I find time to write one review per week.

    I read
    Before they are Hanged – Joe Abercrombie
    Acacia – David Anthony Durham
    Bloodheir – Brian Ruckley
    and I look forward to your reviews.

    3. Giveaway of The Black Prism by Brent Weeks:
    This contest is open to: US, UK, Australia and Canada.

    And finally thank you for mentioning my blog again 🙂

  • Sarah

    haha… it's called the "waiting to hear back from a few potential jobs" lull. I usually don't get to read this much but right now I'm sitting on my hands waiting for someone to hire me. Once I get a job, you can bet reviews will be cut in half.

    Also, I forgot about your giveaway! I'll fix that right away.

  • ediFanoB

    Fingers crossed that you get a job soon!

    Don't worry about my giveaway. By the way today I posted about a second George Mann giveaway (GHOSTS OF MANHATTAN) on an other blog.

    Now it is after midnight in Germany and I need to go to bed….

  • Sarah

    Sleep well!! I just saw your post. I'm going to go investigate 🙂

  • Jeff C

    thanks for the shout-out, Sarah! Since I'll be adding new reviews from the last 12 months in alphabetical order by blogname, your blog should be one of the first I get to (unless there are more blogs that start with A and B than I remember) 🙂

  • Jared

    This week's competition on Pornokitsch: what's a "forgotten first book" of a favorite author? The prize drawing in on Tuesday 17th – we've randomly got our mitts on China Mieville's very, very, very first piece of published work. The weirdest collectible a fan could have…

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