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Yes, I know I missed this feature last week. I apologize. I posted a review instead. I’m going to have another review up of The Reality Dysfunction tomorrow (which I have started to read to the exclusion of all other books, a rare phenomena which happens only very occasionally and forces me to slow down my review postings), which is why this Around the Web is posted today instead of my usual Wednesday (Hello, run-on sentence…). Fascinating stuff, I know. 
Anyway, here it is. It seems like it’s been a pretty quiet week all around so, as always, if I missed something, feel free to harp on me to add it. 
Free Etc
1. Graeme’s Fantasy Book Reviews has a giveaway going for Farseer by William King here
2. The same blog is also giving away a copy of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach by Steven Erikson here.
Noteworthy Posts
1. A Fantasy Reader has an interesting poll up about how many books you read at the same time here
2. A Dribble of Ink posted the World Fantasy Award Nominations here
3. A good creative writing course is discussed here
4. Floor to Ceiling Books wants to know how you deal with criticism
5. Genre Reader posted new releases for the week of August 24 here
6. OF Blog of the Fallen has posted a truly painful review of Keeper Martin’s Tale here. Worth checking out. 
7. Fantasy Cafe posted a link to an excerpt of Scott Lynch’s Republic of Thieves here
Author Stuff

1. R. Scott Bakker posted an interesting article detailing the perils of calling smart people stupid here.
2. Jeff Vandermeer is excited. Read why here
3. Get a book signed by Brent Weeks. Details here
4. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is going on sale soonish. Read about it here
5. Towers of Midnight is officially done. Here
I think that’s all I got this week. Paltry compared to previous weeks. I’m sure I missed stuff…. 
A review will be posted tomorrow, then regular reading/reviewing should commence. 

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  • ediFanoB

    Just an additional information concerning the Bauchelain and Korbal Broach giveaway. It is a UK ONLY giveaway.

  • Sarah

    Thanks! I should have added that. I appreciate your addendum. 🙂

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