The Quantum Thief – U.S. Cover

I’m usually not a big fan of posting cover art because I think everyone else will post it first. I mentioned on twitter that TOR sent out an email with the cover art for this book and someone requested that I post it. I believe The Quantum Thief will be released in the US in spring, 2011.

What do you think about the cover?

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  • Izyk

    Beautiful. I love this cover. Who is publishing this one? (I'm guessing either Pyr or Tor?)

  • Sarah

    TOR, I believe…

  • James

    So… this isn't a cover to a new Final Fantasy game?

  • Izyk

    Oh man, I totally missed that it said Tor in the post. Wow. My brain is gone today.

  • Sarah

    Izyk, never fear. I edited the post and added TOR into it after you asked :p you aren't daft.

    LOL @ James

  • Lessa

    Looks a little too "Final Fantasy" to me

  • Sarah

    A few people on facebook messaged me and told me the same thing. I wouldn't know final fantasy if it grew a mouth and bit me on the butt.

  • Liviu

    It shows you are neither a young boy or a parent of one 🙂

    Have 2 or 3 FF gamebooks of my son's and yes there is some resemblance, but the Tor hard sf adventure covers are like that as the ones for the Kollin brothers Unincorporated war or K. Schroder Virga books show

  • Kristen

    It does look a lot like Final Fantasy, but it's lovely (what can I say, I love the look of Final Fantasy anyway). I already wanted to read this, but the eye-catching cover is making me want to read it even more.

  • Lood

    I like it. I have the UK edition at home, but I'm seriously considering ordering a copy from the US just for that cover. And since I haven't read it yet, I think I'll give it a go.

    And yes, it looks a bit FF, but that is NEVER a bad thing. (OK, so I'm a FF fanboy. My opinion cannot be completely trusted.)

  • Sarah

    So, can I ask a question that may or may not repulse some of you? Is Final Fantasy a book, game or movie? It seems like I've heard it applied to all 3…

  • Adam Whitehead

    "So, can I ask a question that may or may not repulse some of you? Is Final Fantasy a book, game or movie? It seems like I've heard it applied to all 3…"

    It's a series of stand-alone computer games using the same structure (free-roaming world/time-based combat) although set in different worlds (though some of the games have spin-offs that are set in the same world). Some of them are medieval fantasies, some are cyberpunk, some are steampunk and so on. There are fourteen of them at this time. FINAL FANTASY 7 (possibly the most popular, although the hardcore fans seem to prefer 6) is where the series broke out to appeal to a Western audience for the first time, and it's been a constant top-seller on consoles since then.

  • Sarah

    Thanks, Adam!! That helps me understand what a lot of these comments are talking about. I could have just googled it, I guess, but what's the fun of that?

  • Jamie Gibbs (Mithril Wisdom)

    It's a hell of an improvement on the UK cover, that's for sure!
    This is really dynamic, whereas the UK one has the 'old school scifi' look to it. This is much better.


    wow, this is really a beautiful cover!

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