Well, I woke up today to the knowledge that my email is hacked. If you got an email from me sending you to some Canadian pharmacy I heartily apologize. I have done a few things to remedy this: 
1. I closed the account. I’ve meant to for a while now. 
2. I opened up a new email specifically for this account (another thing I’ve been meaning to do for a while). My new account is bookwormblues (at) live (dot) com. 
I know I had several conversations going with authors, agents, publicists, fellow blog people and whatever else in my old account. I tried to get all your email addresses so I can continue those conversations in my new account. However, you might want to email me again just in case I miss something. 
I heartily apologize! I’ve never been hacked into before. If you got anything from me with a link or an attachment please don’t open it. Just ignore that email account fully and move on with life (and add my new email address to your information). 
That’s my only news right now. There are some new “design” things underway for this corner of the woods but they probably won’t be up for a while because I’m trying to teach myself how to do these hardcore web/graphic design things. That’s always exciting. 
Anyway, once again, I’m sorry and if you email me, please update your information. 
– Sarah

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  • Seak (Bryce L.)

    Well, I usually hate getting emails from you anyway, so this really pissed me off. 😀

    (no, I didn't actually get a hacked email from you)

  • The Evil Hat

    Huh. And here I was thinking that you were just really concerned about my health.

    Though, to be fair, my email seemed far more rational, had no mention of pharmacies (Canadian or otherwise), and was directed at the words sent in a prior email, so I think I might've been exempted.

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