What to expect through January

Because I love my readers, I figure I should be honest and let you guys know what to expect from me in the next little bit – as I have some issues that have (and will) come up that are going to affect my blogging and reviewing frequency. I guess I am also painfully open and honest – probably to a fault, so whatever. 
I have been having a really hard time recently with some health things, which will probably require me to spend a good amount of time this week at the doctor’s office. Because of that, my reviewing will be rather slow, as I really haven’t been reading that much recently.
For those of you who don’t know, your thyroid is one of the things that kind of controls the “energy” level of your body. It affects everything from metabolism to moods (depression/anxiety), to hair loss, skin tone (dry or not), weight gain/loss…everything. So now that I don’t have one (thank you, cancer), I have to get my thyroid hormones through medication. It takes about a year (usually) to get the level just right. For that year, people in my shoes usually bounce between extremes (and I cannot even begin to tell you how incredibly hard this can be). These extremes can be not only physically horrible but mentally incredible so I’m going to the doctor to hopefully get my blood tested and my meds altered a little so I can feel a little more human.
The only reason I say that is because I’ve been having a hard time eating recently, much less reading and this week my reviewing will pay for it, and I apologize.
Another event I should mention is that in a week-ish (starting on January 2) I’ll be getting ready for radioactive iodine treatment. I have to be on a special diet for five days, and then I have to go to the hospital and get shots for a few days in a row. After that I get a fully body scan and drink some radioactive juice. Then I get to be quarantined for four days because I’ll be… well, radioactive. I doubt during those four days I’ll be online much because I don’t think I’ll be allowed to touch a computer for longer than an hour at a time, if that (but I’m not 100% sure on that issue). The process will take the first week to two weeks of January, which means that in roughly two weeks I might be a nonexistent online presence for a few days. While doctors have assured me that it won’t make me feel very sick, I’ve also heard that treatment can take weeks to recover from so even after that I might be a little infrequent on the blogging front. While this radioactive treatment is far less invasive than pretty much any other radioactive treatment, I’m still killing off part of my body and I can’t expect that will feel very nice. I’d expect me to post 1-2 reviews a week from now through February. Hopefully in February I’ll be back up to my normal pace (3-4 reviews/week) and all of this will have just been a bad memory.

This all kind of terrifies me (even though I’ve been told it’s “no big deal, really”) which is probably affecting my uh…anxiety level a bit.

I probably shouldn’t be so open about this, but I have authors, publishers and friends waiting for some of my upcoming reviews, and I have readers who I don’t want to let down with my next few week’s potentially infrequent reviews – so there it is. There’s what’s going on, and that’s what you can expect and why.
Take it for what it’s worth.
And for those of you who have been nothing but supportive during this really intense time of my life, I appreciate it. This can be incredibly emotionally challenging, and knowing that I have a virtual community of people who give a damn really helps more than any of you will ever know. 

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  • Suey

    I can't even imagine what this all must be like. I say, vent all about if you feel like it… no apologies necessary. Good luck and hang in there!

  • Sarah (Bookworm Blues)

    Thanks, I really appreciate that. I feel kind of stupid for writing about everything going on but on the other hand, I'm a writer and sometimes this is the only way I know how to "get it out" – so to speak.

    Anyway, I appreciate your kind words.

  • The Evil Hat

    I don't think you need to feel silly for writing about such important matters. You're not using your blog as a soap box to talk about your day to day life; you're, instead, relating matters that are important to you and to the blog, and you're doing so in a way that's very affecting to read. Best of luck with the treatments.

  • Wallace

    Ugh, Sarah, I'm so sorry. I hope you are able to find the right dosage sooner than later and hopefully soon this will all be behind you. I ditto Suey — hang in there!

  • Sarah (Bookworm Blues)

    Thanks, all.

    I hope they find that right dosage, too…. I had no idea this would affect me as much as it had. I guess I should have, but it's one thing to expect it and another to live through it.

    I have such an amazing level of respect for people who have to go through chemo, or serious radiation. My cancer experience has been a cake walk compared to theirs.

    Anyway, thanks for the support.

  • RedEyedGhost

    I hope you get well soon.

    Stay strong, Sarah!

  • Mieneke

    Will you stop apologizing for something beyond your control!?! The most important thing is for you to get yourself better!

    But you know I'll be thinking of you, I hope it's as small a deal as they make it out to be and that they get you on the right dosage soon. *hugs*

  • Jamie Gibbs (Mithril Wisdom)

    I wish you the very best with your treatment, Sarah. If anything, being so open about it here shows a hell of a lot of bravery, more than a lot of people would be able to show. I hope everything goes smoothly for you. We'll be here waiting for you when you get back with hugs and tea 🙂

    Don't forget when you drink the radioactive juice, make sure there's like a feather or something mixed in, so when it gets all mixed up you'll be able to grow wings. It happens in the comics, so it must be true!

  • Memory

    Like everyone else said, there's no need to apologize or feel strange for writing about what you're going through. It's had a huge impact on you, and it's difficult to weather alone.

    Do you know Raych of books i done read? She went through this… earlier this year? Late last year? Quite recently, at any rate. She might be able to help you with some of the radiation issues. I know she went through a whole rigamarole with the pre-treatment diet, too. Her Twitter handle is @raychraych, and her blog is at http://booksidoneread.blogspot.com/

  • Harry Markov

    I think that the blog falls second, if not tenth or less, behind when it comes to health issues of this proportion. Stay strong and even if you are not online I am sure you will smuggle books inside the quarantine and read. I hope that's at least allowed.

    On the slightly tactless humorous side [pardon me for these, but I hope to cheer you up], you can hope to become like Spider man. Just bite yourself and become 'Woman Woman'.

  • ~~BooKMagE~~

    Get well soon Sarah! And take your time with all this, there is nothing more important than your health. Thanks much for the update!

  • Sarah (Bookworm Blues)

    Memory, I may have to take you up on emailing Raych. I have never "met" her but I appreciate the contact. I haven't looked in detail at the diet yet, but from what I have seen I'll be allowed to eat a lot of cardboard and cardboard products for about two weeks.

  • Scott

    Get better Sarah, take whatever time you need. The books, friends and reviews will await your healthy return.

  • Brenda

    I'll be keeping you in my thoughts for the next little while, Sarah. I hope it all works out well for you, and that you can get back to the things you enjoy soon!

  • Jared

    All our thoughts & best wishes are with you.


  • edifanob

    Sarah, this is your way to cope with the situation. As other people commented: Health comes first. I hope and wish that you get well soon.
    To be honest parts of your post put a smile on my face which is much better than to be envious.
    "my normal pace (3-4 reviews/week)"
    That means you read 12-16 books per month!!
    For me it is a challenge to read even 6 books per month and I would be more than happy to post 3-4 reviews per month.
    I think that will not change before I retire 🙂
    Most important is that you enjoy what you are doing.
    I stopped to reach for the stars. I'm thankful for every book I can read and every review I can write.

    My thoughts are with you.
    AND don't forget to look ahead to your trip to Europe.

  • Melissa (My World...in words and pages)

    We are still here and will bare through with you. I do hope all goes easily for you. Take your time and get better. The internet is always here. If you just want to chat or review, which ever is what you are up to. We will read. 🙂 Take care.

  • K.C. May

    I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

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