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I’ve been on a science fiction kick recently. I guess I just needed to stir up my usual fantasy routine a bit. Science fiction forces me to think about the future and the possibilities it may hold. I enjoy space operas more than most other science fiction. It interests me to see what the author imagines after humanity leaves Earth and goes somewhere else. These books often involve alien races, interesting technology, unique politics and riveting wars. 
Thus, this week’s question. What technology or situations in science fiction books do you think could reasonably occur in humanity’s future? Do you think any science fiction books are more realistic than others in matters of technology? If so, which ones? 
P.S. I need to apologize for the fact that my reviews might “slack off” a bit in coming weeks. I usually try to post three to four a week. I think I’ll probably hit two a week for a while, some weeks I might just get one out. I’m getting caught up in baby preparations and getting ready for her arrival is taking up a lot of time. Two and a half months left! Wow! 

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  • Jamie (Mithril Wisdom)

    I think time travel is still a long long way off, and I'm veering towards impossibility on that one too. The technology that I foresee being most likely is genetic modification on humans. We're too damn impatient to allow ourselves to evolve naturally anymore 😛

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