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Hey all, 
I’m just writing to say that I’m going to take a few days to myself without blogging. Yesterday I spent the night in the emergency room due to an incredible level of pain, which was putting the baby at risk. I guess I was starting to have convulsions and my husband decided that enough was enough. He stuck me in the car and drove me to the hospital. 
Turns out she flipped to the head-down position and lowered herself and the strain of that re herniated the disks in my back and re squashed my nerve root. Nerve pain is excruciating. It took them six hours to get my pain down to a tolerable level, and several discussions of admitting me to the hospital for pain management for the duration of my pregnancy. 
I’m home now, but I still hurt indescribably bad. I’m trying to manage this on my own. If I go back to the hospital they will admit me – no questions asked. I’m trying to keep myself comfortable because spending the last 10ish weeks of my pregnancy on hospital bed rest does not sound fun. Unfortunately my pain level won’t go down until after I have the baby. She’s exactly where she should be and its putting a horrible strain on my spine and won’t go away until after she’s not straining it, which will only happen once she’s not in me. 
Right now the injury is new and thus, incredibly painful to the point where I can’t focus on anything, not even reading. I’m hoping that a few days will go by and I’ll adjust to my new level of pain and be able to think again. I’m just very broken right now – physically, mentally and emotionally. So I’m going to take a few days to get myself together and (hopefully) feel a bit better. Regardless, I’m on strict bedrest (like I can do anything else) for the duration of the pregnancy.
Thankfully, despite all of this the baby is perfectly healthy and happy. We saw her on an ultrasound last night, just to be on the safe side (they pumped me full of a drug cocktail and I wouldn’t leave until I saw her). She’s kicking, punching and squirming in blissful ignorance. 
Here’s to hoping the next 10 weeks go by fast and that I’ll be able to feel human again in a few days. 
Thanks for your patience.

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  • Kristen

    Oh, Sarah, that sounds horrible! I hope you start feeling better very soon and that this doesn't last the whole 10 weeks.

  • Ashley @ Book Labyrinth

    Aww man, that is brutal! I hope they can get everything worked out so you're not in such intense pain. =(

  • Jamie (Mithril Wisdom)

    I hope you feel better soon, Sarah 🙂 I advise watching the extended Lord of the Rings trilogy. It'll distract you long enough, especially since it's so damn long that by the time it's finished you'll be ready to have the baby, hehe.

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