Discussion: What are you reading now?

I’m hot, hugely pregnant and massively uncomfortable. Deep, profound reading related thoughts aren’t really on my mind at the moment. Thus, this week’s discussion question is going to be pretty lame, and I apologize for that. 
I thought it would be fun to see what all of you are reading right now and how you feel about it, regardless of how much you have read. 
Here’s my list:
Right now I’m working on my ARC of Spellbound by Blake Charlton, which I’m finding to be quite an entertaining read. I’m also about half way done with The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I absolutely love his writing style. I’m off-and-on reading The Snow Queen by Joan D. Vinge, which is growing on me the more time I spend with it.
On the horizon I will start reading In the Night Garden by Catherynne M. Valente, A Companion to Wolves by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette and really attack Anathem by Neal Stephenson. 
Due to the fact that I’m scheduled to have a baby in a month and a bit, that may be my entire “pre baby” reading list. We shall see how I progress through them. 
So, what are you reading right now? 

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  • Kristen

    That was my experience with The Snow Queen as well – it started out a bit slow, but it got better and better. By the end I didn't even mind the slow start because I loved how it all came together so much. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of that as well as In the Night Garden and A Companion to Wolves since those are all books I've loved.

    Right now I'm about 2/3 of the way through Naamah's Blessing by Jacqueline Carey. It started off a bit slow, but it's been getting really good. Moirin's a bit more perfect as a character than I normally like, but I love the different cultures that are explored and the writing is beautiful. And I'm glad it's been getting back around to events in the first book since most of the second book didn't deal with them at all.

  • Melissa (My World...in words and pages)

    Oh, it will all be passed here soon for you. Just a little bit longer. But sounds like you have a great list of reading there planned. I'm currently going to start a new book, but haven't picked out which one yet. I'm going to have to decid tonight before I sit down and read though. lol. Thanks and have a great week!

  • Marduk

    I am about 2/3 of the way through "Leviathan Wakes" by James Corey (Abraham and Franck). It's a really, really good read, am loving it. Before that I read the entire "Monarchies of God" Cycle by Paul Kearney (in the two omnibus editions). That was absolutely superb, with the very minor exception that the last book (Book 5) felt rushed. But apart from that I couldn't recommend this any higher to fans of Martin, Erikson etc….

    Oh and after I finish Leviathan Wakes am planning to re-read the ASOIAF by Martin so I know what's going on when I read ADWD – I know I will bre really late starting that though!

  • Tsauro

    Quite a terrific list there. I can not wait to read Spellbound. Just finished Scalzi's reboot of Piper's Little Fuzzy, Fuzzy Nation. Very entertaining, typical Scalzi awesome. Now, few chapters in, Allen Steele's Hex. Love it. Quickly becoming one of new favorite authors (I know he has been around for a bit but, as usual, I am late to the party)

  • redhead

    I'm about half way through Forest Mage, which is the 2nd book in Robin Hobb's Soldier Son trilogy. I'm enjoying it, she's a great writer, but I'm surprised at how "bash me over the head" some of the themes are. oh well, it's still damn good.

    I recently reviewed Valente's Orphan's Tales. . . I liked it, but it didn't work for me as well as Deathless or Habitation of the Blessed did.

    I've been hearing really good things about Fuzzy Nation too!

  • D-man

    I have fewer than 100 pages left on Troy: Shield of Thunder by David Gemmell. This is some of the best epic fantasy I've read in a long time. Can't wait to pick up the final volume in the trilogy later this summer!

    There are a bunch of things I want to get through this summer, including Troy: Fall of Kings (Gemmell), Leviathan Wakes (James S.A. Corey), The Dragon's Path (Daniel Abraham), and a re-read of the Malazan series. That last one is rather ambitious, so it may not happen!

  • Scott

    Haha, Marduk…I am also about that far into LEVIATHAN WAKES by Corey…and also loving it that much. It's brilliant actiony space opera stuff!

    Sarah, Oh man SHADOW OF THE WIND is my all-time favourite non-fantasy book ever. Ever. Reading that was like reading a love letter to book lovers and history buffs. Love it.

    Next up I have BLOOD OATH by Christopher Farnsworth (about the President's Vampire secret service agent and I've heard nothing but good things)

    after that I will be finishing a re-read of GARDENS OF THE MOON, followed by the release of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, followed after that by the latest DRESDEN book GHOST STORY.

    Lots o good stuff!

  • Bibliotropic

    Right now, I'm almost finished with Alien Contact (a compilation of sci-fi short stories, so it's by a load of different authors), and I'm on-and-off reading Karsten Knight's Wildefire when I'm waiting for things to load on my computer. Since I'm so close to finishing Alien Contact, I'll probably end up starting Ilsa J Bick's Ashes later on today.

  • Yiota

    Hmmm…i decided to try Hunger Games series so i'm just 10% through the first book though i have started it from previous Wednesday or Friday. It's not what i usually read and it's still difficult for me to get used to it.

    I'm not reading something else since i have exams at university too. Does programming, artificial intelligence, optical fibers, simulation and Modeling count? 😛

  • Salt-Man Z

    I'm like 60% of the way through E. R. Eddison's The Worm Ouroboros, and though I'm enjoying it, it's tough going. To take a break, I picked up Gene Wolfe's Storeys from the Old Hotel, which is great stuff, and I'm halfway through that now.

    Once I'm done with Worm, I haven't decided what I'll read next, but I've narrowed it down to Paul Kearney's Monarchies of God series, Brent Weeks' Night Angel trilogy, or (Scott is rooting for this one) The Shadow of the Wind.

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