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Book trailers seem to be getting more and more popular. Almost every book that comes out has some youtube video that goes along with it. 
I have to admit, I don’t see the point of these book trailers. I almost never watch them. I can see how they appeal to certain people. I guess I’m just not one of them. 
So, here’s my question to you. Do you watch book trailers? Do you think they are useful? Why/why not? 

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  • Stefan

    I have, to this day, not watched a single book trailer. Not even for books I was genuinely excited about. It's just not my thing, I guess.

  • Liviu

    I love them if they are well done; when publishers go all out and do a real movie like trailer with actors like for Anathem or The Black Prism I would watch them again and again…

    In the animation or retro style like say for Distant Hours or Aurorama (more favorites with superb trailers) they serve as a good "blurb" for the books, much better than the print blurb.

  • ediFanoB

    I agree with Liviu. And The Black Prism is an example for an excellent book trailer.

    A book trailer is a visual an acoustic blurb.

  • Jamie (Mithril Wisdom)

    Though I don't think that book trailers are useful, I do watch them a lot. They don't often influence me to read a book, but I like to watch them nonetheless. I often find, though, that many book trailers are self made and look absolutely terrible, which will put me off reading.

  • Nikki-ann

    I never watch book trailers. A synopsis is what I'd call the book equivelant of a movie trailer. I prefer to use my own imagination to visualise the characters and story.

  • R. H. D'aigle, Fated Saga Author

    If I'm honest, as a reader I have never bought a book after watching a book trailer. I don't even think about book trailers when I'm looking for a new book. But, as a writer, its one of those marketing tools they tell you is a must. Of course, this is often coming out of the mouths of those trying to sell you book trailer creation 🙂 But not always, and I am sure there are those out there that have purchased a book based on the trailer. I think if we see a rise in book trailer quality, we might well see more people buying books based on the trailer. But readers like to read, and even though we are becoming a more visually stimulated society, I think a good old fashioned synopsis still works over a book trailer, at least for now.

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