Discussion: What author would you dine with?

Let’s have fun with this week’s discussion.
If you could have lunch with one author, and one author only – What author (living or dead) would you have lunch with and why? 

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  • Fiona

    Oh, I don't know. If I wasn't too shy in reality I would choose… Diana Wynne Jones who sadly passed away this year in March. She is my favourite author, and she taught me what it felt like to not just like a book a lot, but to love a book.

    She has such a quirky imagination and I bet she'd be an absolute hoot to talk to. She can come up with all these wonderful stories and worlds that are just like this world, just not.

    Besides, I can't say I'm that bothered about meeting authors in the flesh – but I would have liked to meet Diana Wynne Jones.

  • Lessa

    well I could go with Anne McCaffrey for the obvious reason that she influenced my very name. On the other hand, I think Hemingway would be great for a huge steak dinner and a heavy round of drinking after

  • Bibliotropic

    Much like Fiona, I confess I'd probably be too shy to actually have lunch or dinner with a favourite author. I'd probably be too nervous to say anything interesting.

    But if I was to choose one I wish I was brave enough to dine with, it would be Mercedes Lackey. I've been reading her books for over 10 years now, they've influenced and entertained me in ways beyond counting, and as a person, she seems very interesting. I'd love to have the chance to even meet with her someday.

  • Pabkins

    I swear I thought I answering this recently. but today my answer will beee…… Climbs Quickly from A beautiful Friendship – cause he's a telepathic cat from David Weber's new Harrington series!
    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  • Niall Alexander

    China Mieville. Because in many ways I have The Scar to thank for all the other books I've come to love since – and I've come to love a lot of books since – and he wrote The Scar… and let's face it: it doesn't hurt that he's so very handsome. Maybe some of all that good stuff would rub off? 🙂

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