Far Beyond Reality

There are a few things I try very hard not to be part of on my blog, examples would be press releases and cover art. They are all over, that I just don’t see the point of adding them to my blog as well. I try to keep my blog focused completely on reviews and discussions with the odd miscellaneous bit thrown in here and there.
I’m going to break my rule today and pimp a friends blog. Stefan is a reviewer and no matter where he posts, I ALWAYS read his stuff. His reviews are in depth, fair and beautifully written and his reading tastes often mirror my own. Out of all the reviewers out there, I probably respect his reviews and insights the most and I envy his talent for writing. Luckily for me, after being part of a big site for a long time, he’s starting a brand new blog and I really want to point my readers in his direction. So please go check out Stefan’s blog – Far Beyond Reality. You won’t be disappointed!

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  • Kat Hooper

    Lucky for you, bad for me! 🙂

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