Discussion: Should bloggers be awarded?

This discussion has a little homework attached to it. Recently I was made aware of an article written by Stefan Raets about… well, I’ll have you read it here or here.

The topic really interests me because I’ve never thought of bloggers being able to receive Hugo-type awards, but it makes sense. The world is changing, and the blogger-verse is vast and getting larger each day. Many well known bloggers can influence an author’s career, so do we deserve credit for our blogging? Should we get awards?

Read the article and let me know what you think. This is one discussion I’m VERY interested in seeing what you think (not that I’m not interested in the others, this one just really peaked my curiosity). 

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  • Paul Weimer

    Blogs are our modern fanzines. Blogs are where the majority of book reviews and discussions happen.

    I think they absolutely should be nominated.And in fact, I have nominated blogs and bloggers for Hugo awards.

  • Weirdmage

    I'm going to nominate blogs for Hugos this year. That they even consider removing them is a sign that Hugo-fans are threatened by SFF fandom that they can't control in my opinion.

    The problem with the Hugos is that they are so prestigious that they HAVE to follow the times. There is absolutely no way that the Hugos will loose prestige, and I don't think Hugo-fandom wants them to either. So I think the "traditionalists", that seem to control the Hugos now, should either let go of their ultra-conservative ways or make their own awards that reflect the pre-internet age they seem to think they live in.

  • Bibliotropic

    I don't see any reason why blogs and bloggers shouldn't be nominated. The work that bloggers put into promotion of the books and publishers and the genres in general can amount to a lot, and I agree with Paul about blogs being a modern equivalent to fanzines. It's nice to see them getting more recognition.

  • Liviu

    fanzines and blogs are different, with the former being the purvey of white, aging and getting fat middle class former nerds whom you see in the Hugo attendance pictures, while blogs are much more open and inclusive and even the occasional flame wars show this. So let the Hugo to the fanzines by all means as we do not really need either the Hugo or the fanzines today

  • Scott

    I have no need to get an award for our blog. Chris and I write our blog because we are passionate about the things we talk about. That's it. If it helps out authors, or the like…then that's great! But I would be remiss to seek anything out or actively pursue such things. It would be wonderful to be recognized and I would never scoff at such a thing, but I think I'd simply be more humbled that anyone thought enough of our scribblings to nominate us.

    Awards can be a tricky business, as they so often simply descend into back-patting amongst certain groups and others are ignored.

    So I guess I would say that yes, Bloggers' should be eligible, as we do a lot of work that helps in various fandom circles. But I would actually warrant caution that things don't descend into Oscar-like elitism.

    Bah, I am of two completely separate minds on the subject, and they are at war.

  • Justin

    Shall we do a dance off to determine the winner, Scott?

  • Scott

    Challenge Accepted Justin. 😛

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