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First, I’m entered in Goodreads Independent Book Blogger Awards. I don’t think I have a snowball’s chance in Hell in winning, but I’ll give it a fair shake. You can vote for me at the top of my blog, or go here. However, if I don’t make a finalist, I’d love to see Staffer’s Book Review make it. If you’d like to vote for him, go here. As an added bonus, Michael J. Sullivan’s blog is in the running, as well. Vote for his here
Secondly, this is a shout out to my fellow book bloggers. I’m compiling a list of people who’d be willing to guest post/review for me if need be. You see, I’m probably going to start my cancer treatment in a month or two and I’m trying to get my ducks in a row a bit early. I might need guest posts before I’m actually quarantined for about 10 days. In order to start the RAI treatment, I’ll have to be off of my synthroid (which replaces my thyroid hormones, as my thyroid was removed due to a nice tumor). Getting off of my synthroid will make me very, very, very sick for several weeks before I even start the actual RAI treatment. On top of that, I might need more surgery to remove more tumors (my cancer might have spread) which means I’ll need guest bloggers while I’m recovering, getting off my synthroid and when I’m dealing with my RAI treatment, I will be radioactive so I won’t be able to blog (or go near humanity, or touch anything). 
I won’t need guest bloggers for a while yet, but I’d like to have a list of people willing to do so if the need arises. I’m not sure what my future holds. I find out the next time I go to my doctor in May, but I want to be prepared for any eventuality. Hell, hopefully I go to the doctor and he says I’m fine and shoves me out the door, but I doubt it. 
Anyway, that’s my daily business. Look back here in a few hours for my review of The Troupe. 

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  • Justin

    Happy to write a guest post any time. Probably about ninjas and the lack of respect given to them by the SFF community.

  • Paul Weimer

    You've already asked, and I've already agreed to do so, Sarah. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Too bad I found your blog after I done with my MA (Professional studies, Industrial training). During my past semester I took a library-related class (trying to fill 3 more units) and found it interesting and, at the same time, very challenging.
    The funniest thing was a demo of book repair when middle aged people with master’s degree demonstrated the kindergarten level skills trying to repair torn books without press.
    Of course, I mentioned that and tried to fabricate a press using some furniture parts which made some participants not so happy.
    They listened, however with a great interest, to my presentations about library building safety, electrical distribution, and shelving strength calculation.
    The only useful thing I have learned that the genuine book review is the one made during book release, all others written late are considered “literary criticism”. Please correct me if I am wrong (I got an A for this class probably meaning: please leave us alone)
    I also have had some background in thyroid nuclear imaging (safety engineering) and would like to ask you if you discussed thyroitropin (TSH) injection option before the RAI treatment. Doing that could shorten “hypo” pre-treatment period.
    (Master of Arts)

  • Nathaniel Katz

    Best of luck with the doctors to come, Sarah. If you want a post from me, feel free to ask/email.

  • Sarah (Bookworm Blues)

    I haven't asked about a thyroitopin injection, but I certainly will! Last time I was hypo I felt like death had warmed over. I'm actually more nervous about being hypo than the actual RAI treatment! It's good to know that there is something out there that might help. Thanks!!

  • Ryan

    Good luck with the doctor visits, and any potential treatment. I am definitely willing to guest post if the need arises.

  • Sue CCCP

    Same here: I hope everything goes well, but let me know if you need anything.

    My Dad went through prostate cancer treatment last year, so I know how painfully slow everything is. At least you won't have the amazing 'ring of fire' he had from the radiotherapy: he had to sit on a cushion for months! 😀

  • I’ll be happy to write a guest post for you. Just tell me when you need it 🙂

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