Welcome to the new site!

Bookworm Blues has moved.

This website is bigger and better and will allow me to do all the fun things I want to do without any of the hassle that I get on Blogger. It’s my very own haven where I can make whatever mark I feel like making. It will let me expand in ways I only imagined before.

If you can’t tell, I’m very excited about this.

There are some issues, however; some kinks to work out. For example, when I moved all my content over from blogger, the transfer messed up all my paragraph spacing, and the spacing of the first two words in each paragraph. I’m not sure why this happened or how to fix it (I’ve tried a few things and so far none work) – so I’m going to be fixing this over time. I’m going to ask my web guru friend if he has any suggestions on how to fix it this weekend. Until then, please pretend that all the spacing is normal and that my reviews don’t look like a high school drop out wrote them.

Also, please look at the top of my page. Guys, I’ve spent AN ENTIRE DAY making TWO new indexes for you and your easy review browsing needs. Now you will find an index by author name, and by book title and each index entry has the star rating I gave the review next to it. I also have an “interviews” tab. It’s pretty sad looking right now, but it will grow!

Things will keep changing (especially when I’m not so tired). I have a LOT of tweaking ahead of me in both content and layout (and the pesky spacing issue I’m facing), but here is the new basic layout and you can get a general feel of how I’m expecting to grow and develop into something more.

Please update your readers and blog lists to add my new site, and if you email me, please update that to my new email: Sarah (at) bookwormblues (dot) net. I will keep my blogger home up  indefinitely so people can see reviews (without spacing problems). For now, my last post will direct people over here.

Poke around. Get a feel for my new abode. Just ignore the spacing problems. They will be fixed as soon as I know how to get it done.


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  • Sorry for the crappy error filled post. I am soooooo tired, and I have a great post going up in the morning so I wanted thisvwritten before I passed out… Hence the issues. I will edit this in the AM.

  • Hi Sarah! *looks around*

  • I hope you enjoy your new home! Blogroll updated…

  • Love the new site!! Congras!!

  • Congratulations on the new site, Sarah! It looks great!

  • Very nice looking new site! I hope you didn’t tear out too much hair setting it all up (I’m still trying to get mine sorted out!)

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