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A while ago, Niall from The Speculative Scotsman asked me to write a post he can put on his blog while he’s touring the redneck capitol of the world (although they also have the best. food. ever) – the American South. I hope he’s having a wonderful time.

Today, in honor of the fact that Monday’s suck and my name is “Bookworm Blues” he put my post up, so it’s live.

Go here and check it out! I try to wax halfway intelligent about reading comfort zone and how they can get a bit too comfortable and how it took a huge, horrible life event to push me out of mine, and I hope it doesn’t require a huge horrible life event to push you out of yours.

Anyway, go here and read. Enjoy…. or something.

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  • It’s amazing what you find when something forces you outside your comfort zone — but it’s even more rewarding, and commendable, when you take it on yourself. I’m guessing the old you would hardly recognize the new you. I think every book you read changes the way you read the next book you pick up, for better or for worse.

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