Looking Back – April 16-20

I don’t normally do weekly reviews, but this was a really full week so I think it warrants the first ever weekly review I’ve done.

Lots of neat things have happened around good ‘ol Bookworm Blues. Check out the links for more information.

April 16: I guest post on The Speculative Scotsman to talk about reading comfort zones

Elspeth Cooper guest posts here and touchingly talks about disabilities in fantasy.

April 17: I guest post on Fantasy Cafe for the Women in SF&F feature.

April 18: Bradley P Beaulieu is interviewed. Check it out. You’ll learn how to say his last name (and learn many      other important, interesting things).

April 19: I review The Truth of All Things (don’t forget to enter the giveaway).

April 20: I review The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells.


And that’s it. This has been an incredible, enlightening and very fun week. Check back next week for some great book reviews, and possibly, an interview.


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