A Slight Squeefest

Well, it’s happened. I’ve been blurbed in a book. I never, ever thought I’d be blurbed in a book. Ever. So of course when I found out (thanks to Aidan from A Dribble of Ink for pointing it out), I ran to the bookstore and bought a copy of the book to have because, really, why not? Anyway, this reminded me of another cool thing that a blogger from Iceberg Ink informed me of a while ago. He took a picture in his local bookstore (somewhere in Canada) and sent it to me saying, “Sarah! You’re famous!”

I figure that as long as I’m squeeing and basking in my own glow of awesome (please read the appropriate sarcasm into those words), I might as well attach both pictures to this post.

I have no idea where this bookstore is, only that it’s somewhere in Canada:

My very first book blurb in Spellbound by Blake Charlton:

On a side note, I always appreciate when people let me know when they see stuff like this. It probably almost never happens, but those rare occasions that it does really make me feel somewhat warm and tingly inside. It makes me think that I might, just might, be doing something right over here in my dusty internet corner. 

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  • Yeah! You got blurbed!

    • BookwormBlues

      I know! It seems surreal!

  • That is SO Awesome!! Congratulations!!

  • Congrats, Sarah! It’s a huge milestone for a critic, and I’m glad to have been able to make your day!


    • BookwormBlues

      I appreciate that! I honestly would have never known unless you mentioned it!

  • As mentioned previously, quite awesome.

  • Congrats on the blurb. Great feeling, isn’t it?

    The bookstore in question is the World’s Biggest Bookstore in Toronto. That’s my ‘Special Needs in Strange Worlds’ endcap, based on the posts you did in May. You can see the entire endcap here: http://scififanletter.blogspot.com/2012/06/special-needs-in-strange-worlds-reading.html

    The full shelf talker text reads: “Many thanks to Sarah at Bookworm Blues for sparking discussion on a necessary topic.” I also thanked Dan Goodman for coming up with such a great title.

    • BookwormBlues


      I have to admit, I saw that and I seriously had tears in my eyes. That is, honest to God, just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s SO NEAT to see all the books people talked about like that. How freaking amazing.

      Thanks for making my week.

      • It’s still up. We keep displays for 3-4 months, though I may revamp this one for the holiday season (meaning, put up some new titles and shift things around so it looks newish again).

        I loved what you accomplished with the posts and all the book ideas people mentioned. It was so inspiring. 🙂

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