Beyond the Sun – Project Update

I was going to post a review today, but I decided to let it percolate a little and put it up tomorrow instead, when I’m hopefully a little less frazzled than I am today. It will be a review of The Rapture of the Nerds by Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross.

In the meantime, I’m going to post a project update for the Beyond the Sun anthology. I should have posted this yesterday, but I spent the afternoon arguing with the insurance company instead (hence the reason I am still frazzled today).

The Kickstarter page for Beyond the Sun went live on Monday. I’m really honored, humbled and surprised by the amount of people who have shown support so far. Plus, it’s still a mind trip to see my biography up there with “Assistant Editor” above it.

Besides that, there are plenty of things to pay attention to, like the addition of a very exciting, very special top name headliner if we reach a target goal, hiring artists for drawings, and the ability to pay the authors and artists the professional wages they deserve.

The first big goal will be reached at $3000, when the backers will get a sneak peak at two stories and some of the artwork from the anthology.

This is all very exciting, and it’s something I’m paying very close attention to (obviously). On a side note, I’ve had the priveledge to read three stories in the anthology and I must say that I am greatly pleased by all of them. If they are a sign of the quality of all the stories, you guys are really in for a treat.

And (believe it or not), I’m not just saying that because I’m helping edit this book!


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