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The other day I hit a wall when I was trying to write a review. This was incredibly annoying to me. I’ve never really had that problem before and it was rather hard for me to clear my mind, forget the frustration and find a new angle to write what I was trying to write.

This got me thinking…

If writer’s block was that annoying to me, it must be incredibly horrible for authors who makes a career out of the activity. It has to be so much more intense and harder to get over. So, with that in mind, I asked a few authors to write about how they deal with writer’s block and the tricks they use to get over it.

I figured, if I was curious, someone else has to be.

I will be spreading guest posts out over a few weeks, so there is one or two posts on this topic a week. I hope you enjoy this feature, as I’m thinking of making this sort of thing on a regular on my website (only with different topics, and different people writing in their thoughts on each topic). This will be my trial run, so let me know if you enjoy it! Writer’s block isn’t anything I’ve given much thought to before, but after I’ve read some of the responses I’ve been sent, I’m anxious to start a discussion and see what thoughts and ideas others have on the topic.

My first post will go live tomorrow, so be on the lookout for it!


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