A few odds and ends

First, today you can find a guest post written by yours truly over on Bastard Books. I was asked to write a little something about why urban fantasy and I don’t get along too well. I gave it some thought and I think I finally figured out the root of my dislike. I wrote a post about it, which you can read here.

Secondly, one week from today I am going to have surgery on my spine. It’s all very exciting (not). In anticipation of this, I’m in hyper-reading mode so I can have TONS of stuff scheduled to post while I’m rather indisposed for a week or so. Due to that, this week I’m going to post a review or two that I owe people, but mostly a few more of my Thoughts on Writer’s Block series I have going, so I will have plenty of wonderful stuff ready to go up while my spine is getting sawed into.

Thirdly, (I kind of hate doing this), I’m selling some of my photography for some extra much needed cash while I’m indisposed from surgery and my various cancer dramas that are upcoming. You can check out my photography sale here.

Later today I’ll have a mini-review up, so be ready for it…. or something.

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  • May I ask what spinal surgery you are getting? I got MRIs back a few weeks ago showing three herniations and am going through the options with my neurosurgeon. We’re starting with the steroid shots to try to get the swelling and therefore pain down, but it’s possible I’ll need a partial discectomy and I’m always interested in hearing about how others are dealing with these problems…. Of course if you aren’t comfortable talking about it, I completely understand, I keep crying randomly when talking to people too much haha

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