Weekly Schedule | October 22 – 26

Well, I did it. I really did it. I’m pretty thrilled about this because I didn’t think I’d manage to get posts scheduled for two weeks after my surgery, but here they are. Finally done.

You can read my week 1 schedule (October 15 – 20) here

Here is the list of posts you can be expecting from October 22 – 26

Monday, October 22: Thoughts on Writer’s Block | Bryan Thomas Schmidt (Guest Post)
Tuesday, October 23: The Magicians – Lev Grossman (Review)
Wednesday, October 24: Thoughts on Writer’s Block | Abhinav Jain (Guest Post)
Thursday, October 25: Clean – Alex Hughes (Review)
Friday, October 26: Thoughts on Writer’s Block | Jesse Petersen (Guest Post)

As always, my posts are scheduled to go up at 8am mountain time. Please be patient with comments, as I have to approve them all before they go live and that might take a little while. Please feel free to “pimp” my links on Twitter, as I probably won’t be doing that much and I really don’t want my website to dry up and die while I’m in a medicated fog.

I am just about done with my Thoughts on Writer’s Block series. I think I have one or two more guest posts before I’m going to run out of them. They have been a lot of fun for me to collect. I enjoy learning more about the writing process and I’m thankful to all those who were willing to indulge my curiosity and write a little something for my blog. I also appreciate it because it has really helped ease my website workload during the preparation/surgery/recovery portion of my current situation.

I should also note that there are a few authors to whom I owe interviews, and you have not received them. I heartily apologize and I will try my hardest to get them to you ASAP. I have been a little more swamped with life than I thought I would be. I hope you understand.

Thanks for your (continued) patience.


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