Special Needs in Strange Worlds – V. 2.0

Last year I organized and hosted an event called Special Needs in Strange Worlds. This event was basically a month of guest posts from authors and bloggers highlighting the importance and impact of special needs and differently abled characters in speculative fiction. It was wildly successful (I had close to 50,000 hits in that month alone, which is huge for this page) and an absolute blast for me to organize and host. I loved it. After many (many) requests, I’ve decided to organize and host the event again this year.

So if you’re wondering where your book review is today, you aren’t getting one. Today I’m writing a guest post for an event going on on another person’s blog next month. I’m also sending out mass amounts of emails to authors to try and bribe them to write a guest post for my own event, Special Needs in Strange Worlds, which will take place in May.

If you are curious about what this event was all about last year, please check out this page to see my list of guest posts and links to each individual article. If you have suggestions on SFF authors I should bug about writing guest posts for this years event, please PLEASE don’t hesitate to share them with me. I have a list I’ve been working on, but I know I’m overlooking someone important and I’d love it if you, my dear reader, could point out who that person is.

I’ll be back to reviewing tomorrow. Today is just an announcement/plea for assistance day.

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  • Special Needs 2: Electric Boogaloo! 🙂

  • Ryan

    Great News! I’m happy to hear you’ll be bringing this back again. I’ll certainly be looking forward to reading all the guest posts!

    • Thanks! I hope to line up a bunch of great authors. Hopefully it’ll be as good as last year!

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