Anthology Update

I’ve been plugging away at the anthology project. Most of the work has been research, talking to informed parties, drafting up letters, contracts, plans of action, timelines, and various other fun things. I haven’t talked much about it, because honestly, what has been going on so far isn’t that exciting. That being said, I do have some details ironed out, so I figured I’d pass them along.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m working on an anthology of short stories celebrating disabilities in SFF.

Details (so far):

1. This thing still has no name. I am pretty terrible at giving things titles, so this might be the first anthology published that has no title unless someone gives me inspiration fairly soon.

2. I have a few authors who have volunteered to be part of the anthology and a list of authors I plan to bother. Letters have been drafted. I plan on having someone smarter than I am look them over before I send them out. I will announce who is participating when I launch the crowdsourcing.

3. I hope to have about fifteen authors involved.

4. I am going to crowdsource this. That will help me raise the money to be able to pay the people contributing to the anthology. I hope to run an Indiegogo campaign in November.

5. This anthology will be released in ebook form only to keep costs low. This will also allow me to donate the most money possible to the charity I have chosen. Crowdsourcing will allow me to pay the authors and artists, and then all the remaining money, and 100% of the money from people who purchase the anthology will go directly to the charity.

6. Speaking of the charity I have chosen, I’m leaning toward Doctors Without Borders. It’s not set in stone yet. There are a few others I’m looking at, but Doctors Without Borders is appealing for a few reasons:

  • It is international, so it will appeal to international readers.
  • Doctors Without Borders routinely helps those in need, and those with disabilities who don’t have access to the medical care they deserve. It’s applicable to the anthology and the topic the anthology will be addressing.
  • Names have power, and most everyone will recognize that name and know the kind of work they do.

And that’s about it. That doesn’t seem like much to most people, but it’s a pretty big deal to me. It’s been a lot of work just to get it this far. And also, the whole “suggest a title” thing isn’t a joke. I am absolutely stumped, so inspiration is a plus.

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  • Amanda

    Title idea: “The Ways We Fly” – “ways” to show diversity, “we” to show unity, “fly” to show ability, as well as call up SFF themes like space flight and dragon flight.

    • I love it! Why are some people so clever?! I’ll put that on my list of titles to ponder.

  • Count me in as an author if you like!

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