New Year Resolutions

Apparently this is the day for lists. I figured I’d post my resolutions for this blog and at the end of the year I’ll see how well I measured up.

1. Read 150 books. in 2013 I read 178 books. My mental goal is 200, but I’d like to get to 150. We shall see.

2. I always try very hard to explore genres each year that I don’t think I like. Last year I explored urban fantasy, and I actually learned that the genre itself isn’t as horrible as I thought it was. This year I want to explore more young adult. I think I give that genre a bad wrap, and that’s not fair because I’ve hardly read any of it. Time to change that. Also, read more books written by women, and books with female leads.

3. I’d like to explore more genre issues. Due to my health battles, I’ve been way too absorbed in myself to really explore too many issues. Thus, the sexism in fantasy and SciFi stuff, the race stuff, the other stuff that people talk so much about are really just issues that I know nothing about, which is stupid, because I am a woman so I should at least know more about the plight of women in SpecFic. That’s just logical. Now that I’m not completely self-absorbed, I’d like to investigate more of these issues and write about them more as I learn and explore them.

4. I’d like to podcast more. I am on the SF Signal podcast occasionally, but I’d love to be on more and different podcasts. I’m waiting to be discovered (har har).

5. I want Special Needs in Strange Worlds to keep growing, and I’d love to contribute to more websites as well. I hope I get more invitations.

6. I don’t want to get sucked into drama. I run this website for fun and when I do get sucked into drama I always regret it, or disagree with my own opinion after an hour. I don’t enjoy pissing contests, drama or other things of that nature. Life is too short. I want this to be fun and drama free. I love reading and talking about what I read, and I want to infuse my website with that rather than anything else.

7. I want to get something published. I am losing hope, but I would like it to happen.

That’s it. Let’s see how I do!

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  • Yes! YA! WOULD YOU LIKE RECS? Because I’ve got some recs here in my pocket. I have about 100 recs. It’s a big pocket, okay.

    • I would LOVE recs!!!

      • I’m going to finish this list and email it to you! I got carried away, har har, who’s surprised?

        • I seriously appreciate recommendations. I also enjoy email, so whatever works. I feel the same way with YA as I did with UF last year… just overwhelmed. I’ve read some stuff that I enjoy, but there is SO MUCH I don’t know where to start.

  • 150 books? I thought I was being aggressive with 50 (i want to spend equal time writing — thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

    You’re doing a good job on SF signal — just listened to the book of the year podcast on my commute this morning. It’s also a natural location for your Special Needs posts.

    Good luck.

    • I usually aim for 100, but last year I went 78 further than that, which surprised the hell out of me.

      Thanks for enjoying the SF Signal podcast. I love doing it. It is SO NICE to TALK to other genre fans.

  • All really wonderful resolutions for the new year.

    I agree wholeheartedly about the drama. I’ve avoided publishing drama-laden controversy on my site merely because I don’t want those pissing contests happening on my blog. I often kick myself on those occasions when I get involved in it on SF Signal. But, you know, sometimes there are opinions that are just so close-minded and stupid that I cannot resist…and then I feel bad because the part of me that wants to believe the best of everything has to believe that those guys cannot be that sexist/stupid and are instead just bating people to get a rise out of them…not that this behavior is any better behavior to exhibit.

    I’ve discovered that there are generally good books to be found in any genre, it is just unfortunate when the genre, like your example of Urban Fantasy, gets to be so prolific that it seems like every book being released falls within those parameters. It seems natural to believe that much of it is less than stellar fiction simply because of its abundance. I haven’t read a lot of UF but when I’ve sampled a few I have found some good books.

    I enjoy your Special Needs posts at SF Signal and look forward to what you have to offer for 2014.

    • I like your observation about good books in any genre. I think my problem is that I lump books into categories without first really exploring the books IN those categories, if that makes sense. For example, I avoided UF because it all looked the same, but it really isn’t. There’s some amazing UF out there, like Alex Bledoe’s Tufa stuff, Neil Gaiman, etc…

      Each year I try to break through my preconceived notions with a genre. I like to prove to myself that I’m wrong and keep broadening my horizons. It is a fun challenge.

  • great resolutions! And reachable resolutions, which I think is most important. you don’t have something like “read 500 books” or something, you know?

    hmmm…. maybe i should try podcasting?

  • My Blog is fairly non-specialist: only about 50% books, so the (sadly small) crowed of regulars I attract always seem slightly shocked when I stick up stats saying I’ve read 60-70 books over a year. “That’s so many!” they cry, “How do you find the time?” They exclaim. Then I read out-and-out book blogs like this and smile.

    I know 2013 wasn’t the smoothest for you. I hope 2014 is significantly better, and as my resolution is to diversify my listening a bit I look forward to the next time you’re on the SF Signal podcast.

  • I’ve enjoyed the few times I was on the SF Signal podcast, and I think it would be fun to do more of that too. Whether on that podcast or others.

    I’m hoping for better health and better luck for you in 2014 than you had in 2013!

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