2015 Award Eligibility

I just became aware that this was a Thing about a day ago. That’s how delightfully oblivious/busy I typically am. I feel kind of weird doing it for a number of reasons, but in truth I realize that a year is a long time, and I’m pretty proud of some of the stuff I did in 2014. I was also told by a few people that they’d “really appreciate” if I made a list for them to look at. I’m throwing caution to the wind and doing this thing. Come what may.

I may or may not ever do it again.

God, I feel weird right now.

I’m no good at this.

Whatever. I’ll shut up and just get on with it.

I think the only thing I’m really eligible for is Fan Writer. In regards of this category, I’ve written a few things that I’m pleased with:

1. I Am Not Broken: The Language of Disability

2. A Discussion of Disability in Lock In

3. I write a ton of reviews. I’d point some out to you, but it’s pretty easy to just scroll through this website and look at a few yourself.

A note:

I’m very, very, very proud of my Special Needs in Strange Worlds column, but due to the fact that I mostly organize it and write very little of the content, I don’t know if it’s really eligible for anything. I do, however, recommend and sincerely hope that you’ll take a gander through 2014’s content and maybe nominate some of the contributors. There are some absolutely fantastic posts, incredibly touching, very real and bravely honest articles that are absolutely enlightening toward the plight of disabilities in the genre. For a brief rundown of the top posts of 2014, check out this link.

There you go. I’m going to schedule this to drop before I lose courage and then pretend it never happened.

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  • Saaaaaarah that column is TOTALLY eligible in Best Related Work! CLAIM IT AND RUN LIKE THE WIND! 😀 😀

  • Renay is right, Sarah. Best Fan Writer and perhaps Best Related Work as well

  • Ryan

    You shouldn’t feel weird. Your work is fantastic and more than worthy of recognition. Keep it coming!

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