Oh, the (good) drama….

Well, if you’ve been around good ol’ Bookworm Blues for long enough, you’ll realize that the health drama never really ends with me.

Around August 4 of this year, we will be welcoming another Bookworm Jr.

This pregnancy is a (huge, HUGE) surprise. It’s never a “small” thing for anyone. I get to start my regular round with three doctors:

1. The regular pregnancy doctor for all that fun stuff.
2. My cancer doctor at least once a month to keep my hormone levels monitored so I can produce a healthy baby. If my hormones dip too low, the baby has some seriously scary risks.
3. My joint doctor (once a month) who can hopefully keep me walking throughout the pregnancy (unlike last time where I was basically paralyzed from week 14 on).

This also includes a c-section (because regular labor could permanently paralyze me – yay joint disorder!)

I’m exhausted just looking at all that. It’s going to be a busy year…

We saw the ultrasound today, and The Tiny is happy and healthy with a strong heartbeat, which is all you can really ask for. Plus, apparently they can detect the gender of the baby from a blood test now, which is pretty freaking cool. We should know in a week.

Wish me luck. I’m excited/terrified….

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