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Does anyone else feel like the Hugo Award pool has been peed in? I know I do, and I don’t really have a fondness for swimming in pee-pools. Last year with the Puppygate to-do I turned away from the Hugos and started really eyeing a lot of awards that I never paid attention to before. You know what I discovered? There are a ton of genre awards out there that I never really looked at before, and I really should have.

I don’t know what the answer is to the Hugo problem. It’s a complex situation and I’m not really going to extrapolate on it here. I will say that this whole Puppygate situation is teaching me a few things. You know what? The Hugos aren’t everything. They aren’t the only award out there, and they absolutely aren’t the only award people should be paying attention to.

I decided to poll my Facebook friends and Twitterverse with what awards they pay attention to, so I could make a list. If you’re burnt out with the Hugos, and the drama and politicizing aren’t doing it for you anymore, don’t feel like you’re left out. There are other playgrounds we can enjoy, and should enjoy, and other awards that deserve attention.

Below is a list of awards that I now watch, and other people have told me to look out for, as well as their links. This is, by no means, a complete list, so feel free to add to it in the comments! This list is in no particular order.

(I should note there were a handful of awards that, for some reason, I couldn’t find the exact website of said award, so I linked it to the Locus News page that talks about that respective award. I also tried to keep the awards listed genre specific.)

Nebula Awards
Philip K. Dick Award
Arthur C. Clarke Award
World Fantasy Award
Parsec Awards
Dragon Awards
Bram Stoker Awards
British Fantasy Awards
James Tiptree Jr. Literary Award
The Kitschies
The David Gemell Awards for Fantasy
The Mythopoeic Awards
The RITA Awards
The RT Book Awards
Aurealis Awards
The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards
Parallax Awards
The Prix Aurora Awards
The Sunburst Award
The Seiun Awards
The Locus Award
The Ditmar Awards
The Endeavour Award
Sidewise Awards for Alternative History
Xingyun Award

8 Responses

  • Furry literature is a small genre, but we have two awards: the Ursa Majors (http://ursamajorawards.org/) and the C├│yotls (http://coyotlawards.org/).

  • Prometheus Awards at lfs.org/awards.shtml

  • Kelly
  • Some more:

    Bram Stoker Award (Horror Writers Association)
    Hammett Award (Crime Fiction)
    Spur Award (Western Writers of America)
    Skylark Awards (SF)
    Agatha Award (Mystery)
    Edgar Award (Mystery Writers of America)
    Macavity Award (Mystery)
    Shamus Award (Mystery)
    Lord Ruthven Award (Horror)
    Colby Award (Military Fiction)
    Crime Writers Association Awards (multiple)
    Ditmar Award (Speculative Fiction)
    BSFA Award (Speculative Fiction)
    World Fantasy Award
    Compton Crook Award (Speculative Fiction)
    Writers of the Future
    Arthur C. Clarke Award (Speculative Fiction)
    Chandler Award (Speculative Fiction) Australian
    Aurealis Award (Speculative Fiction) Australian

  • Steve

    Some day the r/Fantasy Stabby Awards will gain respect! Ah, who are we kidding – it’s always going to be a People’s Choice award. The Stabby will be a quiet favorite, tho.

    • I’m going to add the Stabbys. I’ve had about six people remind me of them and I am AMAZED I forgot them, because those are some awards I REALLY pay attention to.

      • Steve

        Nice! One of those ‘they are what they are’ awards. Popular vote that leans towards popular books and authors. Always trying to find ways to honor the less well known.

  • A few more:

    WSFA Small Press Awards – http://www.wsfasmallpressaward.org/
    storySouth Million Writers Awards – http://www.storysouth.com/millionwriters.html
    Shirley Jackson Awards – http://www.shirleyjacksonawards.org/
    Lambda Literary Awards – http://www.lambdaliterary.org/awards/
    This Is Horror Awards – http://www.thisishorror.co.uk/awards/

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