Macro Monday – erm… Montage Monday

This Saturday was my birthday. We have a habit in our family of not really doing presents as much as something special. I got a few presents. My kids got me a really pretty wind chime. I went out to lunch and ate chicken kebabs. My husband baked me a cake. My real present, however, was going to Red Butte Gardens and spending an afternoon doing some photography. I got a wide angle lens a few months ago as a YAY REMISSION present, but I’ve been too busy/sick/alive to use it. So I got the husband, and the kids, and my macro and wide angle lenses and just WENT. It was BLISS.

So, you get a sequence of photos this week from my Red Butte Gardens excursion.

As a fun (to me) side note, I have started an account on 500px to post my photos, start a portfolio, hopefully give myself somewhere I can actually send prospective clients to look at my work. If you are interested, or want to pretend to care, you can see what I have uploaded (so far) here. As a fun aside, YES YOU CAN BUY PRINTS of any of the photos on my 500px account. Just contact me for prices. I’ve had a few people suggest I start a store on Etsy for my photography, but for some reason that terrifies me. I’ll probably bite the bullet and do it eventually.


Here are the photos for this week.

Bleeding Hearts

A Different Perspective

Flowering Wall


I also went back and processed some photos from February. This photo was a HUGE chance, very different from my usual style, and it made me pretty terrified to post it. The more I look at it, the more I like it, so I’m shoving it here. I took this in the middle of nowhere Wyoming. I loved the color of the horse, and I loved the way the setting sun looked. So…. here you go.



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