An Update: Illness & Stuff

Hey all,

My baby (10 months old) has been incredibly ill recently, with fevers spiking to 105 degrees, and a whole load of other issues. There have been several trips to the hospital and a bunch of sleepless nights and a ton of worry. I think she’s at the tail end of this beast, but until she’s out of the woods, and I get a full night’s sleep, this website is going to be kind of slow. I’m guessing I won’t be writing another review until later this week – and that’ll be the mini-reviews I owe for the next SPFBO group.

The point is, I’m tired. This has been HORRIBLE, and I don’t feel comfortable thinking critically about ANYTHING until I reboot myself and feel like I can stop worrying a bit.

So give me a few more days of silence. I’ll be back later this week. Until then, keep reading.

– Sarah

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  • Cheryl Holsonbake

    Hugs for mama, baby, and the whole family. Parenting is HARD WORK! Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends or family who may live nearby. One solid afternoon of sleep with earplugs in can be a lifesaver!

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