An #SPFBO Update and Macro Monday

Okay, so the issues with my baby’s kidneys have been backing up my flow a ton. It’s about a million times easier to deal with my own health problems than my kid’s.

In that regard, my flow for the #SPFBO has also backed up. I’ve read the remaining books, but my head has been so flooded with other issues that I don’t feel comfortable (mini) reviewing them until I peruse them again. The plan is that this week I will breeze through the books again just to refresh myself, and next week I should be able to (mini) review the remaining books. Hopefully the week after I will announce the overall winner of my batch of books.

I’m really, really sorry it has taken me so long to do this. My life tends to be incredibly unexpected. Usually it’s my health problems that unexpectedly lambast us, but this time it’s my baby’s and I just was not equipped or prepared to deal with it.

Just because it should be stated plainly – due to my baby being in and out of the hospital right now, all of this might change. She’s doing really, really well right now, but we do have doctor appointments coming up to discuss things like kidney surgery, which might mentally take me out of the game for a few days to a week again. I will keep you posted. If life keeps plugging happily along, then my first round of the SPFBO will be done in two weeks.

Another side note: I have a ton of comments I just read and approved on my previous update post from last Thursday. I will reply to everyone today.

Now, onto photography.

When I really get stuck in my own head, I go do photography. I absolutely lose myself in it. Photography forces me to pay attention to the little things I normally overlook. It also makes me really assess the fact that I am not the center of the universe. The world is huge, and vibrant, and beautiful, and my problems are just a small, small fraction of it. It centers me, and puts me in my place, and most importantly, it gets me the holy hell out of my own head.

This week I really, really dumped myself into photography because I have been really, really struggling with all this stuff going on, and it has helped so much.

That being said, here is your obligatory Macro Monday photo dump. As always, to see more of my work (higher quality) visit this page. (Whoops! I forgot to add my name to that last photo and now I’m too lazy to fix it.)

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  • I love the ones with the bees, especially because I’ve been unlucky so far with respect to insects

  • As the spokesperson on behalf of Six Celestial Swords, I’d like to say ‘please do take care of yourself!’ Please don’t feel pressured to do the mini reviews in any quick time. I’m sure the other authors would agree that we want you feeling better more than we need you to review for SPFBO2 🙂

    Take care! You’re doing so well with all of these challenges!

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