Writerly Things – An Update

I’ve been quiet for a while. I’ve also been super busy. Things are happening, and I’d like to give you a rundown on what those things are.

First of all, I’ve updated the theme of this website, and for some reason it’s posting comments at the top of the page and blog posts under that. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to fix this. I’m sorry. I’m working on it. Eventually it’ll be fixed. I promise.

Seraphina’s Lament has a release date of February 19. On January 14th, I am showing my cover art off to the world, along with a chapter from my book, on Fantasy Faction. On January 16, I am being interviewed by the wonderful people at BigShinyRobot, and on January 17, I will be on Leona’s Blog of Shadows, talking about my disabled protagonist.

I have a publicist (I know, weird) but she’s organizing a blog tour for me, and we are currently curating a list of reviewers for the shiny digital ARCs I have sitting on my computer right now. If you’re a reviewer, and you’d like to host me on your website or you’d be interested in reading and reviewing some Holodomor-inspired secondary world grimdark fantasy, then hey, hit me up. Let’s chat.

I’ve also started up a newsletter, which you’ll be able to sign up on at a few different points of my website. If you’re a newsletter subscriber, you’ll get to see my cover art and an excerpt chapter on January 11, rather than January 14. Subscribers to my newsletter will get a lot of different things, from what I’m up to, to where you can find me for (insert events here), as well as what I’m reading and what I’m watching. You’ll get exclusive book reviews you won’t get anywhere else, and I’m going to kick off an author and book spotlight in my February newsletter. Who knows, if this thing gets big enough, I might do giveaways and other things like that. I’m aiming for once a month right now, but I’m going to work hard to pack it full of content subscribers might really enjoy.

Right now, it’s just starting out, and all you need to know is if you sign up, you get to see my cover art and read part of my book on the 11th, while everyone else has to wait until Monday, the 14th.

So, I’ve got a lot of balls in the air right now. On top of this book launch, I’m also starting to write the second book in my Bloodlands Trilogy, which is called An Elegy for Hope. I’m reading a ton of historical nonfiction books. You’d be just amazed by how much research on Russian history I’ve had to do to write this series… and it doesn’t end, but I love it.

On the speculative fiction side of things, today I started listening to The Emperor’s Blades, which I’m really loving. When things slow down a bit, I’ll get back to reviewing. Right now, I’m just holding on, and enjoying the ride.


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