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Hello internet!

I have recently come to a few conclusions.

  1. I want to help promote indie authors. I edit for indie authors. I am an indie author. I know how hard it is to be heard when you’re indie. I don’t think I have a whole lot of power regarding influence, but what small amount I do have, I want to use well.
  2. I want to put good things into the world.
  3. The world is a steaming pile of garbage. I can’t do a whole lot to change that, but I can make this dusty corner of the internet a haven for the things I love and believe in.

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been working hard to highlight indie books, and support indie authors recently by posting reviews and trying to spread the word about indie books. However, I don’t have a whole lot of time (Seriously. I edit books full time. I write books. I have two kids who are distance learning, and like… life.), and I want to do something more. Something a bit more personal, but I have to strike a balance between having zero free time, and my desire to do something I really, really feel strongly about.

I came up with an idea a while ago to interview indie authors and feature the interviews once a week on my website. I finally got around to tinkering with an interview format, and I think I’ve got some pretty good questions, and a good way to go about it, so I’m announcing Indie Author Interviews! (I will also occasionally have traditionally published authors interviewed, but this is mostly for the indie SFF scene.)

I have a pretty high demand for these interviews so far, so while my goal is to have one interview drop every Friday, for a while you might see them on Mondays and Fridays both.

My goal, as I’ve said, is to make my website a place that promotes the incredible diversity and lush talent in the indie genre scene. It’s such a vibrant, wonderful corner of the bookverse and I’m honored to be part of it, but I do know how exhausting it is to try to be heard. I believe in treating people the way I’d like to be treated. As an author, I’d like some time to shine, a stage on which I can speak my piece, and someone to genuinely pay attention to what I am producing.

So that’s what I’m going to offer you.

My first Indie Author Interview will drop tomorrow. If you’d like to be featured, or you have a book coming out sometime soon (I’m thinking late October/early November might be the earliest I can nail an interview date down right now) then please let me know. My email is Sarah (at) bookwormblues (dot) net (no spam, please, and for the love of God don’t sign me up to your mailing lists). I’m compiling a list of authors who want to be interviewed. I’ll add your name to the list, and send you the interview questions within two weeks or more of the date you request. First come, first served.

If you’re a person who just loves author interviews, and you want to learn about indie authors and indie books, then make sure to stay tuned.


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